105-year-old great grandmother’s new national record: Rambai of Kadma ran like ‘Udanpari’, completed 100 meters race in 45.40 seconds

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Ram Bai of Kadma village of Charkhi Dadri, Haryana has made a new record in the race at the age of 105. In the National Open Masters Athletics Championship (Organized by Athletics Federation of India) Championship in Bangalore, she ran so fast even at this age to complete the 100 meters race in 45.40 seconds. Prior to that the record was held by Man Kaur, who completed the race in 74 seconds.

There is an atmosphere of happiness in village Kadma due to the victory of great grandmother. Ram Bai is not the only one playing in the family at this age, but other members of the family have also grabbed the gold medal. Earlier, Rambai has made history by winning 4 gold medals in 100, 200 meter race, relay race, long jump in the same competition.

Famous as Udanpari Dadi

Kadma, the last village of Charkhi Dadri district on the border of Mahendragarh, has won many gold medals in national level sports competitions. Now here Ram Bai has illuminated the name of the village along with the state by making a new record in the race at the age of 105 years. Earlier, in the competition held in November 2021, he had won 4 gold medals. Ram Bai is the oldest woman in the village and everyone calls her Udanpari Paddadi (Great Grandmother). In the village, she is usually seen working in the fields and also at home. She is completely athletic and runs for 5 to 6 kms everyday even at this age.

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Ram Bai now achieved the feat at the National Open Masters Athletics Championships in Bengaluru, where she ran the 100 meters in 45.40 seconds. Earlier, he also participated in a competition in Vadodara, Gujarat, but no racer above the age of 85 came to run with him. Still, she ran to the ground and returned with a gold medal.

Waking up at 4 in the morning to walk

Let us inform that Rambai, a resident of village Kadma, born on January 1, 1917, is an elderly athletics player. She participated in the Masters Athletic Meet held in Varanasi in November, 2021. At the age of 105, regardless of old age, making sports a part of life, she is moving ahead with hard work. Elderly athlete Ram Bai practiced sports on the unpaved paths of the fields. She starts her day by waking up at 4 in the morning. She regularly practices running and walking. Apart from this, even at this age, she runs for 5-6 kilometers.

Desi food brings life to ‘Gaat’

Usually by the age of 80, most people hold the cot (bed). That means it becomes difficult to walk. In contrast, Rambai has set an example even at the age of 105 and is participating in sports. He says that only a few lives come to the Gaat (body). She eats churma, curd and drinks milk too. 250 grams of ghee is taken every day in roti or churma and half a kilo of curd is in the daily dosage. Normally she runs for 3-4 km everyday.

Rambai's son Mukhtyar Singh and Bahu Bhateri are also making a name for themselves in sports.

son daughter-in-law also champion

The entire family of Kadma’s Rambai is earning a name in sports. His daughter, 62-year-old Santra Devi, resident of Kasba Jhojhun Kalan, has won a gold medal in the relay race. Rambai’s son Mukhtyar Singh, 70, won a bronze medal in the 200m race. Son Vadhu Bhateri has brought laurels to the village and the state by taking gold in relay race and bronze medal in 200 meters race.

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