New Delhi, Jnn. Cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly in America. According to the information received on Monday, 13.5 lakh new cases were reported in a day. This is the biggest case of such a large number of cases being reported in a single day in any country. Earlier in the US itself, on January 3 this year, one million thirty thousand cases were reported. According to information received from American medical agencies, on Monday, January 10, 1,36,604 people were admitted. At the same time, in January last year, the maximum number of 1,32,051 people were admitted to the hospital in a single day. Medical facilities have collapsed due to the large number of cases coming in America every day. There is a shortage of beds in hospitals. The government has to scramble to provide proper facilities to the patients.

Lockdown in another city of China, 20 million affected

Due to the outbreak of Corona, China has now imposed a city lockdown in one of its cities. At present, there is a lockdown in three cities of China. Due to this, about two crore population of the country has been imprisoned inside homes. It is not yet clear how long the lockdown will remain in effect in Anyang city as a notice said it has been imposed for large-scale investigations. The notice did not specify by when the investigation process could be completed. The population of this city is 55 lakhs. Apart from this, 13 million people in Xian and 11 lakh people in Yuzhou will live under lockdown restrictions.

Japan will close its borders to foreigners in February

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Tuesday that the country’s borders were closed to most foreign nationals in February in order to speed up the program of giving ‘booster’ doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine to the elderly and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus ‘Omicron’. Will stay Japan opened its borders in November after the number of corona cases decreased, but now cases of infection are increasing rapidly due to the new variant. In view of this, it has been decided to close the borders once again for most of the foreign nationals.

There were very few cases of infection in Japan in December, but after the new pattern emerged, there was a sudden increase in cases. Kishida last week declared a pre-emergency state in three provinces of Okinawa, Yamaguchi and Hiroshima, urging eateries to reduce service hours.

Poland Corona death toll crosses one lakh

Poland has also joined the list of countries with more than one lakh deaths from Corona. Of these deaths in Corona, about a quarter i.e. 24 thousand deaths occurred in the recent wave. Poland’s Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said on Tuesday that 493 people had died from Corona in the past. The death toll has increased to 100,254 in a country with a population of about three crore 80 lakhs.

Edited By: Monika Minal