Jagran Correspondent, Panipat: Online applications have been made for getting admission under 134A. But this time the interest of studying in private schools for free has been seen less among the students. According to the data, where the students of CM City Karnal topped in applying under the above process in the state, the students of Panchkula remained the laggards. In Panipat district also only 2686 students applied. Which is not even 40 percent of the total seats. At the same time, the eligible students will be found out from the applicants and selected for the examination. The figure in four districts is less than one thousand

In order to provide free education to the children of economically weaker families in private schools, the state government had sought online applications of the students under Rule 134A. Earlier, the last date of November 14 was fixed for this, but due to very few applications, the last date was extended till November 24 by the directorate. But the effect of increasing the time period for the application was less visible. According to the data, only 44 thousand 175 students from across the state applied and expressed their desire to study in private schools for free. Of these, maximum 3356 students of CM City Karnal are included. Whereas in Charkhi Dadri, Mahendragarh, Nuh and Panchkula less than one thousand applications have come.

On the other hand, class wise 6418 students in second, 7700 in third, 6398 in fourth, 6167 in fifth, 5348 in sixth, 4692 in seventh, 4531 in eighth and 2921 in ninth have applied for admission in the state. How many applications came for which class in the district

In the district, class wise 352 in second, 412 in third, 369 in fourth, 388 in fifth, 344 in sixth, 328 in seventh, 302 in eighth and 191 in ninth have applied online for admission. Whereas there are 6771 seats under 134A rule in the schools of the district. Here will be the next schedule

The students who applied on 5th December will have the examination from 12 noon to 3 pm.

The result of the examination will be declared on 10th December.

The first draw will be held at the state level on 13th December. Through the same private schools will be allotted to the students.

Students who get their names in the first draw will be able to get admission from 15 to 24 December.

After the first draw, if the seats prescribed under 134A of private schools are left, then the second draw will also be conducted. From class II to IX, students applied under 134A

District Online Application

Ambala 2366

Bhiwani 2573

Charkhi Dadri 868

Faridabad 3233

Fatehabad 1022

Gurugram 1586

Hisar 3224

Jhajjar 2441

Jind 2198

Kaithal 2463

Karnal 3356

Kurukshetra 2362

Mahendragarh 979

Nuh 497

Palwal 1460

Panchkula 445

Panipat 2686

Rewari 2094

Rohtak 2039

Sirsa 1282

Sonipat 2952

2686 students applied from Yamunanagar 2049 district

District Education Officer Ramesh Kumar said that the time period for online application under Rule 134A has ended. 2686 students have applied to get admission in private schools in class II to IX from the district. Now from amongst the above students the eligible will be ascertained and selected for the examination.

Edited By: Jagran