1800 Garuda in the world, increased to 600 in Bhagalpur alone: ​​Garuda made nests in three other districts of Bihar outside Bhagalpur breeding center

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The number of Garuda, who is called the king of birds, is increasing continuously in Kadwa and Khairpur Diara of Navgachia of Bhagalpur. Here is the breeding center of Garuda. Now their herds are also visible in Amri Bishanpur of Narayanpur. Environmentalist Arvind Mishra said that there are about 1800 Garudas in the world right now. Of these, Bhagalpur has now increased to about 600. Now they have started appearing in flocks of 200 to 300.

Apart from Bhagalpur, Garuda has made nests in Purnia, Khagaria, Madhepura. This will increase their safety and numbers qualitatively. On September 12 last, UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) has included Garuda breeding area Kadwa and Jagatpur lake in the country’s special 20 biodiversity areas.

Garuda breeding areas Kadwa and Jagatpur are also included in the 20 biodiversity areas of the country.

Earlier, the breeding center was only in Assam-Cambodia

Arvind Mishra said that in December 2021, more than 600 Garudas were found. Two years ago, 70 Garudas were also seen in Punama Pratapnagar. A few days ago 15-20 Garudas were seen around the Jharkahwa Dam of Kadwa. Earlier its breeding area was only in Cambodia and Assam. After 2006, the number of Garudas here has increased rapidly. It now has 85 nests.

The world’s first rehabilitation center is here

The Forest Department opened the world’s first Garuda Rehabilitation Center in 2014 in the city’s Sundarbans. Right now two big and one small Garuda are being treated here. On 9 September, 3 Garudas were released in Diara after recovering.

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