1932 Khatiani verdict will be the reason for identity crisis in Jharkhand: The benefit of reservation will not even be available, Khatiani who will not be called outsider

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The Jharkhand government has decided to make the 1932 Khatian as the basis for defining the locality in the state. According to this decision of the government, those people whose descendants are named in the 1932 Khatian i.e. land survey will be called local residents of Jharkhand. It is not that such a decision has been taken for the first time. In 2002, the then state government had also defined locality on the basis of 1932 Khatian.

It was later rejected by a five-judge Constitution Bench. Now the present government has raised it again. The daily has talked to some experts to understand this issue in detail.

Question, What is to be understood by Khatian based locality of 1932?

Answer: This simply means that the people who will have Khatian of 1932 or whose ancestors’ name will be in that Khatian, the same people will be called local residents of Jharkhand.

Q: What will happen to those who do not have Khatian of 1932 but have been living here for many generations?

Answer: Such people have an option that the local gram sabha can verify them on the basis of their living habits and culture. With this they will be able to be called local here. On the other hand, senior journalist Anand Kumar says that in such a situation, it may be difficult to identify such people in front of the Gram Sabha. He said that there are many areas of the state where land survey has been done much after 1932, however, there is no clarity about the people there.

Question: What will happen to those people who have been living here for forty and fifty years and settled here?

Answer: On this subject, Anand says that if seen in a way, then such people will have identity crisis. The biggest thing is that on one hand their ancestors left everything or sold them and migrated from another state and migrated here. Now neither he has any identity related to his old place and now due to this decision of the government he will not get any identity in Jharkhand.

Question: Who and what will be the benefit of this decision of the government?

Answer According to government data, about 85 percent of the population will get direct benefit from this decision. On this question, senior journalist Shambhunath Chaudhary believes that such a decision is an attempt to set a political narrative in a way, it is not going to make much difference. The biggest problem is that people who go or speak against this decision of the government can be termed as anti-Jharkhand mindset.

The biggest thing is that such decisions mean that either educational institutions or jobs get the benefit of reservation, but looking back, how many people have got government jobs or have got admission in educational institutions so far.

He said that earlier also the government here had taken such a decision but it was rejected. Overall, it is a political move.

Question: What will happen to those areas where land surveys have been done after 1932?

Answer : This decision of the government will affect the people living in the areas of Bokaro, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad and Santal Parganas of the state for a long time. If we talk about Kolhan only, then a population of more than 40 lakhs will be affected there. Choudhary said that the survey settlement in that area was done in 1964, 1965 and 1970. In such a situation, there is uncertainty about what will happen to the people there.

Question: Can this decision of the government be challenged in court?

Answer: Choudhary says that the state government is going to pass this decision and send it to the central government for inclusion in the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution. It happens in that the subject which goes in the ninth schedule. It cannot be challenged in court.

On the other hand, it also has to be seen that even before this, a proposal to increase the seats of Sarna Dharma Code and Jharkhand Assembly has been passed and sent to the Center but nothing has happened so far. In such a situation, the things that will go to the center, then the center will decide how to deal with them.

Question: Do you think there will be opposition to this decision of the government?

Answer : Jharkhand High Court lawyer Sangam Kumar says that people who have been living here for a long time will definitely raise their voice against this decision of the government. They will not be able to get the benefit of reservation just because they are not Khatiani. Such people will approach the court.

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