2 MP camera and 3.5 inch screen, yet Apple’s IPhone sold for 52 lakhs, know what is special

Technology2 MP camera and 3.5 inch screen, yet Apple's IPhone sold for...
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Apple 2007 iPhone: There is a different craze among people regarding Apple’s iPhone. iPhone fans are present all over the world, due to which it is one of the best selling mobile phones in the world. People are ready to pay any price to buy iPhone.

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Recently an iPhone has been sold, which has been sold for 100 times more than its original price. During an auction, the iPhone has been sold for 63,356.40 dollars i.e. about 52.4 lakh rupees. Actually it was Apple’s first generation iPhone of the year 2007, which has not even been opened.

The original price of the phone was 599 dollars.

The Seal Packed iPhone of 2007 is quite unique in itself. Things like this are very rare to see. The phone has been auctioned during the auction in the US. Its original price was 599 dollars, but in the auction its base price was kept at 2500 dollars. iPhone lovers bid fiercely to buy the first generation iPhone. The bid ended at $52,797, on which LCG Auctions also charged a buyer’s premium fee of 20 percent. After this fee, the cost of the iPhone reached 63,356.40 dollars.

Modern phone of its time

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Apple’s first generation iPhone was well liked by the people. This phone was launched by Steve Jobs on 9 January 2007. The phone had the option of web browsing along with the touch screen. The phone had a 2 megapixel camera with a 3.5 inch screen. Apart from this, many features like 8 GB of storage and MP3 player were present in the phone. According to that time, this phone was really quite modern.

In the past also such phones have been sold in lakhs

Even before this, people have been seen paying a heavy price for the iPhone. In August last year, the first generation iPhone was auctioned for Rs 28 lakh, while in October a similar piece was sold for Rs 32 lakh. This time the auction of iPhone has fetched a fabulous price.

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