24 people died after a bus fell off a cliff in Peru

World24 people died after a bus fell off a cliff in Peru
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Police said that the accident happened at a place near “Devil’s Curve”. This place is Accident Prone Zone. Nevertheless, orders have been given to investigate the causes of the incident.

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Lima (Peru):

24 people died in a horrific bus accident in northwestern Peru on Saturday. Here, a bus carrying 60 passengers fell off a cliff in northwestern Peru, leading to the accident. According to police, the Corianca Tours company bus left Lima and was on its way to Tumbes on the Ecuadorian border. When it skidded off the road near the town of Organos and fell down the rocks. In this incident the bus was badly damaged and 25 people aboard the bus died. The injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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Police at the scene told local media that the accident occurred near the “Devil’s Curve”. This place is an accident prone zone. However, the police officer said that orders have been given to investigate the cause of the incident. The real reason will be known only after investigation.

An unknown number of injured passengers were taken to hospitals in the popular resorts of El Alto and Mancora, about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) north of Lima. Police said that some of the victims in the accident were from Haiti. The number of Haitian migrants in Peru is increasing, although the status of those on the bus is unclear.

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