3 countries preparing to get rid of the British monarchy: ‘Self rule campaign’ is being run to become a republic, King Charles III’s trouble may increase

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After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, three countries are preparing to liberate from the British monarchy. These include Australia, Antigua-Barbuda and Jamaica. Referendums of all three are due in the year 2025. In this, the people of these countries will vote about whether to remain under the British Empire or not. It is believed that there is an atmosphere against the British monarchy in these countries. A ‘Self Rule Campaign’ is also being run for these countries to become republics.

The Queen was the head of state of 15 countries during her reign. Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, 2022. After this his son Charles became King. The biggest challenge before Charles would be to maintain the expansion of the British Empire.

Even after becoming king, you will have to wait for the crown
Charles may have to wait for the coronation, because its preparations will take time. Earlier, Queen Elizabeth also had to wait for about 16 months. His father died in February 1952, but was crowned in June 1953. Let us tell you that this is a program of the government and its expenditure has to be borne by the government itself.

The position of the three important countries of the British Empire…
Canada: Only 34% of the population of 3.81 crores prefer Charles as King. In the Angs poll, 66% of people supported the referendum. In French-speaking Quebec, 71% of people want to secede from the British Empire.

Australia: In the referendum held in 1999, 54% of the people expressed their desire to remain in the British Empire. Now PM Albanese made the Republic Minister to leave the British Empire. There will be a referendum in 2025.

New Zealand: 42% of the population of about 51 million wish to secede from the British Empire. PM Jisanda Ardern expressed the possibility that New Zealand could be separated from the British Empire during his lifetime.

These things have to be done when the Queen or King is considered the head of state

  • Queen or King’s photo to be printed or printed on the currency of their country
  • These countries are sovereign, but here the governor general is appointed, not the president.
  • Bills passed in the parliaments of these countries are later formally sent to the King.

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