New Delhi, Jagran Bureau. In April, the first month of the current financial year 2022-23, there was a growth of 30 percent in the export of goods and 53 percent in the export of services. In April, exports of goods amounted to $ 40.19 billion, while imports of $ 60.30 billion were made during this period. Thus, the trade deficit in commodities stood at USD 20.11 billion in April.

On the other hand, services exports stood at USD 27.60 billion in April, while imports from the services sector stood at USD 15.57 billion. Thus, due to lower imports in the services sector, the total trade deficit for April stood at $ 8.08 billion.

$67.79 billion in the goods and services sector combined

According to data from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the goods and services sector together exported $ 67.79 billion in April, while imports were $ 75.87 billion in the same period. In April, there was an increase of 71.69 percent in the export of electronic goods, 60.83 percent in cereals, 59.38 percent in coffee and 36.68 percent in leather and leather products.

India’s product exports 30.7 percent

India’s product exports grew by 30.7 per cent to $40.19 billion in April on the back of good performance in sectors such as petroleum products, electronic goods and chemicals. Imports grew 30.97 percent to $60.3 billion during the same period. In this way, the country’s trade deficit increased to $ 20.11 billion. Earlier, in April 2021, the trade deficit was $ 15.29 billion.

India exported a record $418 billion in 2021-22

In the financial year 2021-22, India exported a record $ 418 billion. According to the Ministry of Commerce, ‘After a record performance in the last financial year, there was a strong growth in exports in April 2022 as well. The export of goods reached a new high by crossing $ 40 billion.

Edited By: Ashish Deep