Sumesh Thakur, Chandigarh: There is talk of providing education through smart classes in the city, but the truth is far from the ground. This is the reality of Government Model High School Hallomajra. Around 500 students of the school are forced to study daily by sitting under fans and tin sheds in a temperature of 40 to 42 degrees. The administration also does not pay any attention to this.

The school building was constructed in the 1980s with 18 class rooms for one and a half thousand students, but today the number of students has crossed three thousand and students are forced to study under the tin shed due to less class room. The Teen Shed is constructed at a distance of 120 to 150 meters from the main building of the school and less than 60 meters from the National Highway. Surprisingly, the school has the status of being a model i.e. English medium is taught in the government school, but the seating arrangement is in a dilapidated condition since years. On one side of the tin shed, a heap of garbage seems to be on the far side.

In the scorching heat of 42 degrees, students are forced to study under the tin shed, while the condition around the tin shed is also from bad to worse. A pile of garbage is kept on one side of the tin shed, in which apart from cow dung, even the garbage falls in the houses. On the other hand, in the evening, there is a vegetable market, whose waste is daily in the verandah of the tin shed and the students and school staff clean it before starting or conducting studies. Similarly mobile public toilets have been installed in a part of the tin shed which are inviting various diseases. At the same time, there are three to four chicken shops at a distance of 10 to 15 feet, whose stench disturbs the students. school running in double shift

Due to the large number of students, GMHS Hallomajra is running in double shift. In the Teen Shed, students of classes 1st to 5th stay from 12 noon to 5 pm and teachers from 11 am to 5.30 pm. Apart from studies, if the teacher has to do any office related work, then he has to leave the class and go to the permanent school building. The status of the school will be checked. If a new building is needed for the school, work will be done on that too and better arrangements will be made for the students to sit. No problem will be allowed in the health and education of the students.

– Poorva Garg, Education Secretary, Education Department

Edited By: Jagran