5 meteorites will come near the earth in a week: On September 18, an asteroid larger than the Statue of Unity will pass by

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There are thousands of asteroids (meteor bodies) moving in and around our solar system. Some of these are equal to small stones, some are bigger than the moon. According to the American space agency NASA, on September 18, an asteroid bigger than the Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue, is going to pass very close to the Earth.

Asteroid Name 2005 RX3
The name of the near-Earth meteorite is 2005 RX3. It is moving towards our planet at a speed of 62,820 kilometers per hour. This object will come 4.7 million kilometers closer to the Earth on 18 September. If you look at the cosmic scale, this distance is not much.

According to the space agency, this asteroid passed close to us in 2005 i.e. 17 years ago. Since then, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been keeping an eye on it. It is estimated that now the next time it will pass near the Earth in March 2036.

5 asteroids coming closer to us this week
On September 10, NASA had issued a warning saying that between September 11 and 18, five meteorites would come close to the Earth. One of these is a 2005 RX3. Let us also know about the other four asteroids…

  1. 2022 QF: It was discovered in August 2022. It is a 140 feet wide asteroid, which was closest to Earth on September 11. The meteorite body came close to 73 lakh kilometers of our planet at a speed of 30,384 kilometers per hour.
  2. 2008 RW: It was discovered in 2008. The size of the asteroid is 310 feet. It is also bigger than the 238 feet big Qutub Minar. It came 67 lakh kilometers near the Earth on September 12 at a speed of 36,756 kilometers per hour.
  3. 2022 QD1: This meteorite, 242 feet large, was discovered in August 2022. It can ruin an entire city at once. According to NASA, it will come close to 7.4 million kilometers of Earth on September 16 at a speed of 34,200 kilometers per hour.
  4. 2022 QB37: Along with 2005 RX3, this asteroid will also pass close to our planet on 18 September. Its speed will be 33,192 kilometers per hour and this meteor body of 183 feet will come near 65 lakh kilometers.

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