New Delhi, ANI. Ahead of a possible visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Defense Ministry on Tuesday approved a deal with Russia to manufacture AK-203 assault rifles worth Rs 5,000 crore. Putin is likely to visit India on a one-day visit on December 6 to attend the summit. Defense sources said the deal could be signed during Putin’s visit. It was approved in the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting on Tuesday. Under this deal, 7.5 lakh Russian assault rifles AK-203 will be manufactured at the factory in Amethi.

A few years ago, an agreement was reached between the two countries regarding the deal.

Sources said that the two countries had agreed to this deal only a few years ago. Now the major issue of technology transfer has also been resolved. The Indian Army will buy all these 7.5 lakh rifles. The earlier 70,000 rifles will be manufactured with Russian equipment, as technology transfer will take time. The army will get these rifles after 32 months from the start of the manufacturing process.

2,236 crore deal for Air Force also approved

According to the report of news agency Pretr, the DAC meeting chaired by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also approved the proposal for procurement of GSAT-7C satellite and related equipment for the Air Force worth Rs 2,236 crore. The purpose of this deal is to strengthen the communication network of the Air Force. The proposal is for procurement of GSAT-7C satellite and ground hub for real-time connectivity of Software-Defined Radio (SDR).

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