6 arrested in firing case: Firing took place between supporters of two candidates in Buxar, police arrested 6, FIR registered against all

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In Karhasi village of Buxar district, the police arrested 6 people from both the sides in a fight over mutual supremacy and is preparing to send them to jail on Wednesday afternoon. Along with this, the arrested people are going ahead by registering an FIR against 20 unknown people on Fard’s statement. Criminals were also called from outside to spread panic among the villagers in the Panchayat elections. Seeing the active police raids after the incident, most of the people managed to escape taking advantage of the darkness.

overnight raid
From Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, the police continued to conduct raids to arrest the culprits. It was told that from Tuesday night itself, the police searched each house, in which 12 people were arrested. The same few paddy crops and paddy crops were planted nearby. They managed to escape taking advantage of the darkness. It was told by the station president Amit Kumar that 12 people were brought to the police station after raiding. In which 6 people were released after interrogation. While 3 -3 people were jailed from both sides. Preparations are being made to send. In which there is Shashibhushan Singh, Shrikant Singh, Sanjay Singh on behalf of Munna Singh. On behalf of Nata Singh, Pawan Rai, Vikas Rai who is a resident of Dehri and Laxman Choubey, a resident of Karhansi are being sent to jail. Is.

Power show in election banquet
The matter is of late Monday evening. Where several rounds of firing were carried out after a fight between the supporters of the two chief candidates. After this firing incident, an atmosphere of chaos prevailed in the village. However, there were no casualties in the firing.

It is being told that on the last day of Panchayat elections in Sadar block, Rambha Singh, daughter-in-law of Munna Singh, and Dimpy Singh, wife of Nata Singh, organized a banquet after filing nomination for the head candidate. Both the candidates had organized the party near the Panchayat Bhawan.

During this many workers joined each other’s banquet party. Seeing this, the workers gathered from both the sides. The dispute escalated so much that fighting started. By working hard, the villagers pacified the matter from both the sides. Then the supporter of Nata Singh of one side started firing.

Responding to the firing, the supporters of Munna Singh also started firing. As soon as the information was received, a large number of police forces reached the spot in addition to several police stations under the leadership of DSP. When the police arrived, the matter was settled. Police station in-charge Amit Kumar said that the supporters of two chief candidates of Karhasi village had been fired in a dispute between them.


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