A herd of lions attacked a buffalo, was about to drop it and eat it, then what the buffalo did, you can’t even imagine.

IndiaA herd of lions attacked a buffalo, was about to drop it...
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Videos that capture the daily life of wild animals are always interesting to watch. And when the video shows the big cats trying to hunt down prey, it sure is a goosebumps moment. However, how many videos have you seen where the prey walks away unharmed? Yes, the same happened in this video and this clip is now becoming increasingly viral.

The video shared on Twitter is from Kruger National Park. It begins with a herd of lions attacking a water buffalo. As the clip progresses, the two lionesses have a fierce fight while other members of the herd try to kill the buffalo. But the fight turns ugly as other members come forward to kill it. Meanwhile, the injured buffalo gets to its feet and slowly walks away safely from the scene. If this is not luck then what else is!

Watch Video:

The clip has been viewed over 6.9 million times and received a lot of reactions. People were stunned to see the events and the fate of the buffalo. Many pointed out how the buffalo must have done something good and thus escaped death. However, others could not help themselves from laughing at the stupidity of the lionesses.

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