A snake swallowed another snake, VIDEO: People were surprised to see the LIVE pictures of the incident; Rescue team caught another

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People were surprised when they saw a snake hunting another snake in Rajgamar of Korba district. Gyanchand Sahu, a resident of Rajgamar Ompur, was preparing to sleep at 10 pm on Wednesday night. At the same time he saw a bright stripe. When he looked closer, his senses were blown away, because it was the Ahiraj snake, which was trying to swallow the cobra.

Gyanchand Sahu immediately informed the snake rescue team about the matter. Snake friend Vicky immediately reached the spot and he carefully rescued the snake and locked it in the box. However, by then the snake had swallowed the cobra. Later the Ahiraj snake was taken away and released into the forest.

Here people heaved a sigh of relief after being locked in the snake box. Snake Rescue Team President Jitendra Sarathi said to inform on the helpline number 8817534455 when the snake entered the house.

Snakes continuously entering the house in Korba

Just on September 17, the girl had died due to the bite of a karait snake in Rampur Chowki area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKorba district. Palak, the 6-year-old daughter of Shyam Das Mahant, who lives in Naktikhar village, was bitten in the back by a karait snake while she was sleeping.

Incidents of snakes entering the house are continuously coming to the fore in Korba district. Three days ago, the snake was removed from the AC of the house located in Kosabari of the city. Rat snake 4 feet long had entered the house for the rat. At the same time, last month in Rampur area also, cobra snake was rescued from shoe rack. Seeing the cobra hidden between the shoes and slippers, people’s hair stood up. Landlord Rajesh Barve called snake catcher Jitendra Sarathi, after which the snake was removed and released into the forest.

Earlier, a snake had also entered the Beacon English School located in CSEB Officer Colony, Korba. Due to which teachers and children were in panic. Later the snake rescue team caught the snake. Even in ward number 54 of the city, a 6 feet long python had taken a chicken as its morsel.

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