Dialogue associate, Ghumarwin: There is anger among the people due to non-filling of the post of JBT in the primary school Bhadsin located in Panchayat Gatwar under sub-division Ghumarwin. In a school, a teacher is finding it difficult to teach about 14 children of all five classes together. Due to this children are lagging behind in studies.

People say that many times requests have been made to the government and the education department to fill the vacant posts of teachers, but till now the hearing has not been done. He expressed concern that earlier during the Corona period, the education of children was affected and now schools are open, so being a teacher is not being taught properly. The sole teacher has to deal with other tasks along with teaching the children. If the teacher is on leave, the children have to do the same. A JBT posted in the school had retired on 30 June 2020. After that this post is vacant. Due to shortage of teachers, parents are throwing their children out of school. People say that a teacher is being taught to teach about 20 subjects of five classes. Though he tries his best to educate the children, but his efforts are proving insufficient. He said that if this attitude of the government continues, then in view of the future of the children, they will be forced to put them in private schools. Therefore, the vacant post of JBT should be filled soon, so that the education of the children can go on smoothly. There are many schools in the district which are short of teachers. The case related to JBT teachers is going on in the court. As soon as the decision of the court comes, then teachers will be deployed in these schools.

Sudarshan Kumar, Deputy Director of Education, Bilaspur

Edited By: Jagran