According to Vastu, it is considered auspicious to sleep by keeping this thing on the head at night, the chances of progress are made.

ReligionAccording to Vastu, it is considered auspicious to sleep by keeping this...
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Vastu Tips For Success: It is good to keep some things near the bed, around the pillow or on the head while sleeping. Vastu gives this suggestion for progress.

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Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra gives suggestions to make life better. In this, a lot of advice is given about the direction and condition of the house, so that positivity remains in the house and the atmosphere of the house is full of happiness, happiness and prosperity. Know here what Vastu Shastra says about the bedroom and what things are advised to sleep by keeping them near the head. These Vastu tips will bring about positive and successful changes in home and life.

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Vastu tips related to sleeping room. Vastu Tips For Bedroom

keep this thing on your head

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According to Vastu, a person should keep a copper vessel filled with water on his head while sleeping at night. The size of this lote can be as per your wish. By doing this, it is believed that the doors of success open in the house and at the same time Chandradosh is also removed. Not only this, even bad dreams do not come after trying this remedy.

bedroom should be in this direction

In which direction the bedroom of your house is located, it also matters a lot. According to Vastu, the sleeping room in the house should be in the south-west direction. But, it should never be made between these two directions because it is believed to affect mutual relationships.

bed like this

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On what kind of bed should be, Vastu says that the bed should not be made of metal because it can affect sleep. Instead, there should be a single or double bed on which only a single mattress has been inserted. Never make the mistake of making one bed by joining two separate beds.

the color of the room

Regarding what color should be in the sleeping room, Vastu advises that the color of the bedroom should be light so that the atmosphere seems calm. Pink, yellow and light red colors can be used to paint the room.

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(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general beliefs and information. NDTV does not confirm it.)

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