Afghanistan: Taliban do not mind taking part in women’s cricket and other sports, said – just don’t wear short clothes like other teams

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According to Azizullah Fazli, chairman of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), the Taliban has not banned women from playing cricket. Fazli says that there is no official ban on women taking part in cricket or other sports, but they have to follow religious principles and practices during the game and they will not be able to wear short clothes like other teams. Fazli referred to the short clothes in the context of the football team.

No problem for female players
In an interview to ‘Al Jazeera’ TV channel, the ACB chairman clearly answered some questions related to the participation of Afghan women’s games. Said- The Taliban government has not officially banned women from any sport. Especially when it comes to cricket, she can comfortably take part in this game.

After the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, the most concerned about things like women’s rights, jobs and sports. Questions are being raised that when she is deprived of school, college and job, then how will she take part in sports.

talks with Taliban
In response to one such question, Fazli said – We have talked to the top officials of the Taliban government. He clearly said that there is no restriction on the participation of women in cricket or other sports. They can take part in sports.

The ACB chairman further said – Women have to keep religion and culture in mind while participating in sports. Especially while playing, how they dress, it has to be kept an eye on it. Islam does not allow women to wear short clothes. Dress has to be taken care of especially while playing football.

no government interference
On another question asked on cricket and other sports, Fazli said- Top Taliban officials have assured us that there will be no political interference in cricket or any other sport. The preparations for our team, which went to participate in the T20 World Cup, are also going well. Now the security in our country has also become much better than before. I believe that Afghanistan’s prestige in cricket will be established soon.

Fazli said- In 2017 we got the status of full member of ICC. It is not written anywhere in the rules that if you do not have a women’s team, then the membership will be canceled. We have a better future ahead of us. We will also have a women’s cricket team.


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