After 10 months of marriage, it was found that the husband is a woman: the cheater used to wear a blindfold while making a relationship, cheated the wife of 15 lakhs

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In Indonesia, a woman pretending to be a man married another woman. After 10 months of marriage, he kept on cheating on his wife. During this, he also cheated 15 lakh rupees from his wife. But finally after 10 months of marriage, the secret of the deceitful ‘woman husband’ was revealed. According to a report in ‘Daily Mail’, the victim’s wife has sued the woman who claimed to be a man.

blindfolded during sex

The woman who married herself as a man was also very clever. For a long time after marriage, she refused sex on one pretext or the other. Later, during sex, he started blindfolding his wife. so that he does not know anything.

Dating app was introduced

About a year ago, Eryani, a resident of Indonesia, found a partner with the help of a dating app. In fact, a woman had cheated him by pretending to be a man. The appearance and gait of women were also similar to men. In such a situation, Eryani felt that he was really a man. Along with this, the partner had also described himself as a successful businessman. After which Ariyani married him.

The woman’s parents had doubts

After a few days of marriage, the parents of the victim woman started suspecting her alleged husband. In view of this, the ‘husband’ shifted to a rented house in another city with the woman. Meanwhile, she kept taking all the expenses from the wife. He duped the woman more than 15 lakh rupees during the marriage of 10 months.

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