State Bureau, Dehradun. Uttarakhand Chunav 2022 Where the Uttarakhand BJP is busy in the matter of selection of candidates. At the same time, in Lansdowne assembly constituency, the ruckus over the ticket is not taking its name. MLA Mahant Dilip Rawat, who has been representing Lansdowne constituency since 2012, clarified that BJP as a party and Lansdowne as a seat is the only option for him. Also added, ‘I have only one option for a wife, which is my wife. Many may have too many options.

In Lansdowne area, MLA from Kotdwar and cabinet minister Harak Singh Rawat is also active for some time. Harak Singh is seeking ticket from the party for his daughter-in-law Anukreethy Gusain from Lansdowne seat. Not only this, Anukreethy has also increased her activity in Lansdowne assembly constituency for a long time. This has increased the restlessness of MLA Dilip Rawat, who is currently representing Lansdowne.

For the last few days, MLA Dilip Rawat has opened a front against cabinet minister Harak Singh. Meanwhile, there was talk of Dileep being in touch with Congress leaders, which he denied the previous day, calling it a conspiracy of his opponents. MLA Dilip Rawat, while interacting with the media at the BJP headquarters in Dehradun, took a jibe at cabinet minister Harak Singh in gestures. He said that BJP is his only family, he has only one option BJP. There is no question of going anywhere else. Also said that as far as his claim is concerned, the only option is Lansdowne assembly constituency.

It is not right to give tickets on the basis of family only.

MLA Rawat said on a question that he is not against familyism in politics. In this it should be seen that who is being given ticket, what is his background and contribution in politics. The work he has done for the party and the society should also be assessed. Giving tickets only and only on the basis of family cannot be called good for politics under any circumstances.

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Edited By: Raksha Panthri