After all, why do Indians earn the most in America? Businessman Harsh Goenka told these 4 reasons

IndiaAfter all, why do Indians earn the most in America? Businessman...
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In a tweet, Goenka has given 4 reasons why Indians earn the most money.

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New Delhi:

Narendra Modi came to power at the Center in 2014. Participated in programs in many countries regarding overseas Indians abroad and the gathered Indians took PM Modi hand in hand and also gave full support. Along with this, the crowd of NRI people increased in Pravasi Divas conferences in India. Indians have made a name for themselves in the country and the world. Indians with their families mingled with the society wherever they went in the world and also created a special place for themselves. He established himself following the rules and regulations there. Indians achieved all this on the basis of their behavior and hard work. It is not that only Indians have settled in all the countries of the world. People from many Asian countries have settled in different western countries. Today we are talking only about America and what is it that Indians are earning the most in America. Pakistanis have also settled there, even people from China have settled in America, then what are Indians doing that they are at the forefront of earning.

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businessman Harsh Goenka Has also told why Indians are earning the most in America (Why Indians are earning higher than others in USA, In a tweet, Goenka has given 4 reasons why Indians earn the most money.

He has given the first reason behind this that we have understood the value of good education and also value it. We are the most educated group.
Along with this, Harsh Goenka has said in the second reason for Indians to leave their mark that we are very hardworking and we are also less expensive in our habits.

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Harsh Goenka’s opinion in the third reason is that Indians are smart.
The fourth most important reason due to which Indians have become the highest earners in America is that they are in IT (Information Technology), Engineering and Medicine fields which are the highest earning fields in America.

Everyone must see this tweet by Harsh Goenka, in which it has been told that Indian Americans earn 100500 dollars while Chinese Americans earn only 69100 dollars. At the same time, Pakistanis are also a little less than China. Pakistani Americans earn $66,200.

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