New Delhi, Pretr. Expressing grief over the killing of civilians and martyrdom of security personnel in Jammu and Kashmir, senior Congress leader Karan Singh said that there should be fair elections with restoration of full statehood. Karan Singh, who was the first Sadar-e-Riyasat and then the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, stressed on the early start of the political process in the Union Territory.

He said that the Lt Governor and the administration are making great efforts, but they cannot be a substitute for the elected legislature and the government. He said in a statement that the process of delimitation should not be prolonged and the Delimitation Commission should fix its own time limit to complete its work.

After the restoration of full statehood, the process of conducting fair and free elections can begin. We can expect a stable government within a few months. Let us tell you, terrorists have killed seven people in Kashmir in the past, out of which four people were non-Muslims.

The 1984 riots were very gruesome. This riot will forever be a blot on the capital of the country, Delhi, which can never be removed. Senior Congress leader Dr. Karan Singh said these things. The occasion was a meeting program on behalf of Prabha Khaitan Foundation. Dainik Jagran, Dinesh Nandini Ramakrishna Dalmia Foundation and Ahsaas Woman of Delhi were participants in its event.

During a conversation with the author Lady Mohini Kent in the online program, senior Congress leader Dr. Karan Singh discussed various topics in detail. In the conversation on human behavior during the horrors of Partition, Dr. Karan Singh said that it was the peak of violence. Humanity was forgotten during the riots. People turned violent against each other. Similarly, I was in Delhi during the 1984 riots. The riots will always be a blot on Delhi.

Edited By: Pooja Singh