After Poland, is there a race to give fighter jets to Ukraine, what is the effect in Russia Ukraine War?

WorldAfter Poland, is there a race to give fighter jets to Ukraine,...
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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the exercise of helping Ukraine is being seen by the NATO countries. NATO member country Poland has started giving fighter jets to Ukraine by breaking the rules. In such a situation, it is clear that the scope of the conflict in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia can increase further.

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It is known that on March 16, the President of Poland, Andrey Duda, openly came forward to help Ukraine and announced four MiG 29 fighter jets to Ukraine. At the same time, shortly after Poland’s announcement, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Eduard Heger also announced that his country would provide a fleet of 13 MiG fighter jets to Ukraine to help Ukraine.

Exercise to remove Soviet impression from fighter jet

Meanwhile, there is also news that several European countries will equip Soviet-designed MiGs as part of the modernization of their own air forces. Poland has also made a beginning in this. Last year, it had signed a $14.5 billion defense deal with South Korea. The deal included the purchase of 48 FA-50 light aircraft.

Can other countries offer help?

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The beginning of giving fighter jets to Ukraine by European countries can have a wider impact in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. While Ukraine’s military capability is less than Russia’s, the growing list of NATO member countries standing in its support is being seen as an open warning to Russia.

After the American drone case in the Black Sea, the bold step of the western countries in favor of Ukraine is clearly visible. It is believed that in the coming days many other countries like Poland, Slovakia can also help Ukraine and provide fighter jets or other weapons. Anyway, all the countries have given weapons to Ukraine for war with Russia.

America praised

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America has also praised Poland for its decision to provide fighter jets. The White House has described Poland’s move as a sovereign decision. At the same time, the spokesman of the Polish government, Piotr Mueller, did not confirm the decision whether other NATO member countries would also give fighter jets to Ukraine.

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