New Delhi, Online Desk. Since the announcement of the Agneepath scheme, there is a protest against it. In many states, protesters set trains on fire. Seeing the huge opposition, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval has come forward to explain this scheme. He told why Agneepath scheme is important for the country. Along with this, he has also warned the protesters. Doval has also given a special message to the youth who become Agniveer. Read the special things of Ajit Doval’s interview in 10 points …

  1. The entire war is going through a major transformation. The atmosphere around India is changing. Technology is advancing rapidly. If you want to prepare for tomorrow, you have to change. We have to protect our national interest and national wealth.
  2. Agneepath needs to be seen from one point of view. Agneepath is not a ‘standalone’ scheme in itself. There is no question of withdrawing this plan.
  3. Agniveer will be the only jawans recruited in the first 4 years. Agniveers who will be regular will be given training. There will be no tampering with the army regiment. Those regiments will remain.
  4. Protest, raising your voice is appropriate and it is allowed in a democracy, but this vandalism, this violence is not allowed and will not be tolerated at all. There are two types of protests against Agneepath, one is those who are worried, they have also served the country. Or whenever there is a change, some worries come with it. We can understand it. As soon as they come to know about the whole thing, they understand. Those who are the second class have nothing to do with the nation, nor do they care about the security of the nation. They want to create conflict in the society. They burn trains, pelt stones, protest. They want to mislead people.
  5. My message to the youth who want to become ‘Agniveer’ is to be positive, believe in the nation, believe in the leadership and also in yourself.
  6. It was political will to decide on the Agneepath scheme. Who would dare to join in to bring about change? Only a leader like PM Modi can do this. This is a decision taken in the national interest.
  7. India has the youngest population in the world. Separate training will be given to 25 percent of the youth in the army. Agniveers will be given better training. They will be prepared to meet many challenges.
  8. A lot of structural reforms have taken place in the last 8 years. The issue of CDS was pending for 25 years. It could not be implemented due to lack of political will. Today our Defense Agency has an independent agency of its own space.
  9. Today the new assault rifle is being inducted into the army along with the AK-203 made in India. This is the best assault rifle in the world. Much progress is being made in military equipment.
  10. We have a dispute with China over the border area for a long time. It is clear to China that we will not tolerate any kind of violation. Efforts are on to resolve it through discussion. We are also making sure that we fully protect our border.

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Edited By: Manish Negi