Narendra Sharma. There is often opposition to new technology, new plans and new ideas, but the kind of opposition to the Agneepath plan, it seems less opposition to understanding, more an outcry of frustration. If protest is advocated in a democracy, it should also be rational. When the government clarified all the points afresh to clear the confusion only after the protest of the youth on the first day, then it was also the responsibility of the protestors to give a logical explanation of the protest instead of arbitrarily.

Some ex-servicemen may be opposing the Agneepath plan with a veiled voice, but we must also understand that the number of those who support it is much more than those who oppose it. So why not assume that the opponents are trying to intimidate the government by creating terror? Whereas the central government has clearly said that after four years, 25 percent of the Agniveers will be taken permanently in the army and from the remaining soldiers who want to become entrepreneur, who wants to do business, they can get it from the bank at a concessional rate. Loan facility will be given.

Those who want to study further, they will be given class 12th certificate, if the youngster who has spent four years in the army has come only after passing 10th. Bridging course will be provided for further studies and the youth who want to work will be given priority in many Central Armed Police Forces and State Police Recruitment. The government has also said that there will be no dearth of opportunities for the youth with the Agneepath scheme. On the contrary, opportunities will increase.

The government has also made it very clear that due to the Agneepath scheme, there will be no change in the regimental system of the Indian Army, but it will be strengthened, because under this scheme, excellent Agniveers will be selected. Those who are trying to create an illusion that the capability of the three wings of the army will be adversely affected, the government has also termed this apprehension as meaningless. Such brief service exists in many countries of the world, where they have already been tested and it has become clear that it will not create any difficulties in the traditional army system. If you look at the armies of the world, then the number of youth in it is very high. The entire system has been designed in such a way that there will never be a gap of more than 50-50 percent between the youth and the experienced.

Some dissidents have feared that the ideals of the youth may change and they may mix with negative forces. This is indeed an insult to the values ​​and ideals of both the Indian youth and the Army. When the common youth of India do not mix with the negative forces of the country without getting any nationalist training and without any future security, then why is it being feared that the youth after four years of excellent training and being disciplined How will you get along with the terrorists, when then they will have a lot to lose. If this is to happen, then first of all they should meet the young extremists who have no such training, no minimum secure future and no financial achievement of any kind. Whereas in four years the youth here will achieve everything.

Agnipath Scheme Protest: Many rumors are being spread about Agnipath scheme, know what is the truth

Edited By: Sanjay Pokhriyal