Aligarh, Jagran Correspondent. The national anthem has been made compulsory before studies in madrassas. On the instructions of Madrasa Education Board, District Minority Officer Smita Singh has issued an order regarding this. In this, the responsibility of the managers and principals of all aided, unaided and recognized madrasas has been fixed. It has been said that the national anthem will be played at the time of morning prayer before the commencement of classes. After the holidays of Ramadan and Eid, all madrasas have opened from Thursday. The officers of the Minority Department will inspect the madrasas and get the order implemented.

Inspection will be done after examinations

There are 125 madrasas operating in the district under the Uttar Pradesh Madarsa Board. Of these, there are four government and other recognized private madrassas. About 10 thousand students study in them. On May 9, UP Madrasa Shiksha Parishad registrar SN Pandey, in a letter sent to the District Minority Welfare Officers, had instructed that the national anthem would also be mandatory along with prayers in madrasas. Before the start of classes, teachers and students will sing the national anthem in unison with prayers. The District Minority Welfare Officer said that at present there are examinations of the Madrasa Board. After finishing these, she will inspect herself with her team.

Edited By: Sandeep Kumar Saxena