Ambedkar’s statue vandalized in Karnal: mischievous elements took away glasses; The people of the society created a ruckus, DSP got them calm

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In Gharaunda of Karnal in Haryana, mischievous elements once again vandalized the statue of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. After which the people of the society got angry. On Wednesday, people gathered near the idol and created a ruckus. On this information, DSP Manoj Kumar reached the spot. He pacified the people by explaining them.

Even before this, this statue of Ambedkar was vandalized twice. After which the people of the society had installed the metal statue on the square. Stones were thrown at the metal statue late on Tuesday night. Due to which the glasses of the statue got damaged.

Due to damage to the statue, the people of the society got angry and started a ruckus. After which DSP Manoj Kumar, SHO Deepak Kumar and Municipal Secretary Ravi Prakash Sharma reached the spot with their team and explained to the people of the society.

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feelings of society Hurt

Former President of Ambedkar Sabha Jagdish, Malkhan Singh and others said that the sentiments of the society are being hurt again and again by demolishing the statue. Even before this, the stone statue was broken twice. After which the people of the society together got the statue of Ambedkar made of metal installed, but the anti-social elements did not spare even this metal statue in the dark of night.

An attempt has been made to break Babasaheb’s finger. The anti-social elements took off the glasses and also damaged the face. Baba Saheb does not belong to any one society but to the whole society. Destroying and damaging the statues of great men shows the petty and narrow mindset of anti-social elements. Action should be taken against such people. If action is not taken, the society will prepare the next roadmap.

The people of the society making a ruckus.

DSP Manoj Kumar said that there was information about damage to the statue of Babasaheb. After which he reached the spot. CCTV cameras have been checked, in which some technical problems have come to the fore. Which will be rectified and taken to the control station or to the DSP office.

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