American adopts daughter of exclusive MP: before leaving, ate ‘mother’s hand’ peas-cheese; Know the condition of the heart of ‘mother’ in her own words

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Maa Swaroop Ashram is located in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. This ashram is the support of such children, whose parents are no more in this world. A 9-year-old girl living here has been adopted by an American woman two days ago. Aaya, who lives in the ashram, kept this girl in the shade of her mother for 3 years. She has come to the ashram to say, but she is the second mother for this girl. Name is Gayatri.

Now the daughter has moved in with her new American mother. Has become a foreigner, but Gayatri has a treasure trove of memories of this girl. He is happy for his daughter to go to America, but there is also the pain of being separated from him.

Read, the condition of mother’s heart in her own words…

It has been almost 20 years since the ashram was built. I am here since then. Meanwhile many children came and went. It’s not that he didn’t love them. Loved everyone a lot, but 3 years ago a 6 year old doll came. His parents had left the world. When she came to the ashram, she was completely silent. It remained like this for a few days. Why not live, there was a new atmosphere. There were new people. It does take some time for children to adjust to the new environment anyway. Learned to be a little happy in a few days. She used to spend time with me throughout the day. Then she used to laugh, giggle and do everything with great innocence. She also started insisting. Children are stubborn too. If we ever asked for something, we would have said it now or if we refused, then she would get angry.

He was starting to cry a lot. To show her displeasure, she would go and sit in a corner. He had to persuade. Admitted for a long time. As soon as the anger subsided, he started laughing. I liked that she started claiming rights on me just like a mother and started getting angry. Then this ruckus-celebration became like a game of mother and daughter. When 3 years have passed in this game, it is not known.

It was revealed a month ago that an American woman wants to adopt a doll. He is from North Carolina. As soon as the thought of changing the life of the daughter came, I could not swell with joy, but the very next moment my heart was left with a fire. How will I live if the daughter is gone? The paperwork took a month. Meanwhile hardened the heart and persuaded him to go too. Last year too, an 8-year-old girl from the same ashram was adopted by a US-based couple. The two will now become neighbors. Although there are 7 children in this ashram now, but due to the departure of Gudiya, the ashram is deserted.

I am fond of decorating, I got mehndi applied…

She also has a passion for makeup. One day she started saying that mother should apply mehndi. I brought mehendi from the market and applied it. I was very happy that day. Showed to all the children. Always used to apply nail-polish. Had brought a bracelet and garland for her that if I give it to her, she will be very happy. It would look so beautiful on him. Wearing it will show everyone, but yesterday everything happened so quickly that I could not give it. Now I will keep this bracelet and garland as a memory of her.

Gayatri says that she has been taking care of orphans and destitute children in Maa Swaroop Ashram for 20 years.

Didn’t eat hotel food, asked for my handmade…

A day before leaving for America, she said- Mother, make peas and cheese curry tomorrow. I will go to another country only after eating peas and cheese made by your hands. She would often request food. He was to leave on 20 September. Made peas and cheese in the morning. Made a casserole. People came to pick him up only at 10 in the morning. Do tilak of Gudiya and her future mother. Then all went to the collector’s office. From there Gudiya went straight to the hotel. The pea-paneer made for him remained like this. Got a call from the hotel that the daughter is asking for food. He told that the daughter did not eat the food of the hotel. Bid- Mummy has made peas and cheese. I will eat that Packed peas-paneer, poori, pulao, salad with great love and sent it to the hotel. He loves my hand food.

Wanted to take me to America too…

One day Mummy started saying make pumpkin curry. When I made it, I finished the whole vegetable. After eating, she smiled and said – Look, mommy has finished the whole vegetable. She is very fond of eating dumplings, curry, cheela, halwa, salty puri. These are all his likes. You started saying yesterday that you too come to America. There, cook and feed me good food. I said we can’t go. Your own pass (visa) has been made. Shortly before leaving, she said – Mommy, I don’t want to go. Maybe not like it. But, then I explained that there your future will improve. You will get new clothes, you will go to school, you will become something by studying and writing, then agreed. Got a little emotional too.

Said by the way, Mummy will come back as a doctor…

Another thing that stands out to her best is that she is quite intelligent. Whatever you tell once, it will always be remembered. Started going to school only a month and a half ago. It was here that nearby Manas used to go to the school in front of the building. She went to the second class. Children who have been through accidents become wiser quickly. After the departure of the manager, who came to the ashram, what did he give, everyone used to remember. As soon as the manager came in the morning, he used to give all the information to him. Sometimes we forget to tell something, but he remembers it all. Tomorrow, she said – Mom, I will come back as a doctor. I will treat you first.

(All this was told by the ashram’s Aaya Gayatri Bai while remembering the moments spent with the girl.)

became single at the age of 6

Gudiya is 9 years old. She was living in Maa Swarupa Ashram located in the district hospital premises since 2019. When she was two and a half years old, her father died. In 2019, due to illness, the shadow of the mother also got up. His mother had died after a long illness. Since then she was living in the ashram. The girl had mingled with everyone and lived very well in the ashram.

Collector sent off the girl by giving a gift

This doll of Guna will now be across the seven oceans. Under adoption, a woman from the USA has adopted a child. On Tuesday, he was handed over to the woman who came to pick him up from America at the ashram located at the district hospital. They adopted the child after the court’s order and process was completed. During this the collector was also present. He left the girl with a gift. The girl will reach America via Delhi.

Before going to America, Gudiya was blessed by the collector and other officers in the collectorate.  At this moment the doll looked emotional.

The adoption process lasted two years

The process of adopting the girl child was going on for the last two years. After getting approval from the International Prison Organization, the case came in the family court. A day before the order from the Family Court, America’s woman Tamika Shia and a woman from the organization reached Guna. The girl was handed over to the woman on Tuesday. Tamika’s husband is dead. He is posted as a Technician in a Pharmacy company.

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