Washington, Reuters. The US has also invited Taiwan for the virtual summit of democratic countries to be held in December. 110 democratic countries of the world will participate in this summit being held on the call of President Joe Biden. China is furious with the US inviting Taiwan. China has described this event as a way to increase the influence of America.

On the initiative of President Biden, such a conference of democratic countries is going to be held for the first time in the world. It is believed to be part of America’s plan to take global leadership. Through this conference, America wants to humiliate China and Russia. At the same time, it wants to connect most of the countries of the world with itself on a policy basis.

Welcoming the US invitation, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said that Taiwan will be represented at the summit by Audrey Tang, Minister of Digital Affairs, and Xiao Baekhim, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Washington. It is said that Taiwan has got this honor because of its adherence to democratic values ​​and human rights principles for decades. Whereas China’s Foreign Ministry has strongly opposed the American invitation to Taiwan. Chinese spokesman Zhao Lijian has said that America is dividing the world to strengthen its interests. He is adopting new tactics to serve his regional interests. Whereas the government of Taiwan has said that China does not have the right to speak anything on the matters related to it.

Edited By: Monika Minal