New Delhi, Tech Desk. Call Recording App ban: If you use the call recording app in the phone, be careful, because after tomorrow i.e. May 11, 2022, you will not be able to use the call recording app on the phone, because Google has changed its policy, so that Under this, from May 11, it is going to be a ban for app developers to use third party call recording feature.

What is the reason for the ban?

Security reasons are believed to be the reason for Google to stop third party call recording. In view of this, third party call recording app has been banned by Google. In Google Android 10 based smartphone, the call recording app was already blocked by Google.

Call records will be able to be done after May 11

Let us know that Google has recently changed the Google Play Store rules. According to the new Google policy, the app will not be allowed API access for call recording on the Play Store for a long time. However, Android smartphone users will be able to use the in-built call recording app as before. If the inbuilt call recorder is not present in the smartphone, then those users will not be able to record the call in the phone after May 11.

Call recording facility will be available as before in the inbuilt app

Simply put, users whose smartphones have native call recording features will be able to do call recording in the phone as before. Whereas users who used to record calls through third party apps, they will not be able to do call recording in the phone after May 11. Let us know that inbuilt call recording feature is given in Xiaomi, Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones.

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Edited By: Saurabh Verma