Angry students created ruckus due to missing D.L.Ed exam

Jagran Correspondent, Farrukhabad: The students of Narayan Arya Kanya Pathshala Inter College (NAKP) on Monday created a ruckus when the examination of Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) first semester child development subject was missed. The examinees alleged that the candidates who came very late at other centers were given admission. At the same time, the responsible said that these people were not given entry after coming very late.

The examination of D.El.Ed child development subject was scheduled from 10 am in NAKP Inter College. Eight people, including Sumit Gautam, Shivangi Singh of Kanpur, Dharmendra Kumar, Mithlesh and Sandeep Kumar of Unnao, reached the examination center late to appear for the examination. When the staff on duty at the examination center stopped these people from taking the examination, then these people started creating a ruckus. The examinees said that due to getting stuck in the jam, it was delayed for some time. Despite a lot of persuasion, these people were not given entry. On this they started making a ruckus. Seeing the commotion, the school administration closed the college gate. The examinees said that due to getting stuck in the jam, they reached the examination center at 10:20. He alleged that the candidates were given entry to other examination centers till 10:45 pm. Diet Principal Vijay Pal told that there are orders from the Secretary of the Examination Regulatory Authority that all the candidates should be inside the center twenty minutes before the commencement of the examination. Eight candidates reached the examination center at 10:33 am. They also have CCTV footage. He told that the candidates who have missed the examination, they can give the back paper.

Edited By: Jagran