Another kidney patient died in Supebeda: 102 deaths in 14 years, many researches, 30 crores also spent; But the chain of deaths did not stop

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Another kidney patient has died in Supebeda in Gariaband district. On Wednesday, 62-year-old Kanshi Ram died during treatment. He was suffering from kidney disease for the last 4 years. BMO Anju Sonwani said she was being treated at weekly camps held in Supebeda.

On Tuesday too, the CHC team reached home and examined Kanshi Ram and asked him to be admitted to the hospital immediately, but he died today before being admitted. BMO Anju Sonwani told that her creatinine level was 3.5. Due to kidney disease, he also had serious diseases like sugar, cough, anemia. In Devbhog’s Supebeda, 102 patients have died due to kidney disease in 14 years, including the death of Kanshi Ram on Wednesday.

Another patient died of kidney disease in Supebeda.

During these 14 years, the government changed, but the situation did not change. There were seven ministers’ visits here and many researches were also done, but the system failed to find the reason why people are suffering from kidney disease. Anyone who had kidney disease after 2009 could not live more than 2-4 years. About Rs 30 crore has been spent since 2015, as well as a new water supply scheme of Rs 12 crore has also been approved, the amount of which will also be added to the total cost.

Despite all this, according to government records, the number of kidney victims here is only 6-7, while the ground report says something else. There are still 32 such people in the village who are suffering from kidney problems. All of them have elevated creatinine levels. Out of these, there are 4 patients whose creatinine level is more than 3 points. Out of these, one Premjay Kshetrapal’s dialysis is being done under the supervision of AIIMS at government expense, the remaining 3 are getting treatment at their own level in private hospitals in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Everyone’s age is between 40 and 50 years. Among them are 9 new patients, who have come to know after the blood test campaign in March that they have kidney infection.

The year total death death from kidney disease
2009 09 05
2010 11 06
2011 09 03
2012 11 05
2013 11 09
2014 12 10
2015 12 11
2016 16 10
2017 18 12
2018 19 08
2019 13 05
2020 14 06
2021 13 05
2022 16 07 (till September 21)

Treatment facilities were increased, but prevention measures were missing

The government increased the facilities of treatment over time. PHC was opened in Supebeda within last 3 years. Approval of staff including doctors was given, dialysis facility was provided in Devbhog and Gariaband districts, peritoneal dialysis was also started by staying at home. Apart from increasing surveillance and monitoring, special personnel were also deployed in the capital to look after kidney victims, but measures were not taken to ensure that people do not get this disease.

Fluoride Removal Plant at Supebeda.

101 out of 183 deaths from kidney disease

The death figures recorded in the birth-death registration of Gram Panchayat Supebeda show that from 2009 to August 2022, 101 people died due to kidney disease. However, the health department is not ready to accept this figure.

Investigating officer.

heavy metals in water

On the instructions of the State Government, Director Health Services conducted research from the year 2015 to 2018 with various institutions of Raipur Indira Gandhi Agricultural University besides Nagpur, Delhi, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam. In addition to water, samples of milk, grains, even soil were taken from various sources of Supebeda by the researchers. The team of Indian Medical Council of Report Jabalpur also investigated. Quoting these investigations, CMHO NR Navaratna said that the presence of heavy metals like cadmium, chromium in the water sources there has been confirmed.

Three years ago, a removal plant was set up to remove fluoride and iron from 6 hand pumps at a cost of Rs.1.25 crore, but measures were not taken to remove cadmium and chromium.

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