Anupama 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Hasmukh expressed his desire to see Anupama and Anuj together

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Anupama 22nd November 2021 Written Update: In the television show Anupama Aap Tak Aapko Aapna, Leela supports Anupama and says that it is not Anu’s fault in leaving Hasmukh’s house. Leela confesses her guilt. Vanraj is happy that Leela has realized his mistake. On the other hand Anuj tells GK that Vanraj has come to know about the fact of leaving Hasmukh’s house and is very angry.

Anupama 20th November 2021 Written Update: Kavya made Vanraj’s house in her name, Shah family was shocked to know the truth

Further you will see that in the midst of family fight, Kavya says that Vanraj’s parents did not accept her but consider Anupama as their daughter. Anu tells him that this topic will be discussed later. Just then Vanraj also gets angry at Kavya and says that she (Kavya) does not deserve to be accepted by the Shah family. Kavya also makes Anupama the reason for this. Vanraj says that he regrets marrying Anupama.

Seeing the fight between the two, Hasmukh says that he should not come here. Kavya blames her and Vanraj’s fight on Hasmukh. Hearing this, Vanraj shouts at Kavya when Anu asks both of them to do drama inside the house. Vanraj then gives him the opposite answer. Vanraj then decides that he will leave the house with Kavya so that Hasmukh and Leela can be happy. Vanraj asks Kavya to pack the bag. Anupama doubts Kavya’s decision and thinks that Kavya is cooking some khichdi.

Kavya tells Vanraj to go alone as the Shah family’s house is now in his name. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Vanraj is shocked to read the house papers. Vanraj tells Kavya that Sane has betrayed him. After this, Paritosh asks her (Kavya) why she is doing this, then she tells that Rakhi Dave helped her in making the house her name. He told how cleverly he got the signatures of Anupama, Dolly and Vanraj on the paper of the house. Anupama tells Kavya that she has done wrong. Kavya says that Shah member is also not intelligent. Anupama tells Kavya that she has betrayed them.

Precap: Hasmukh asks Anupama to bring Anuj into his life. Kavya apologizes to Vanraj but Vanraj decides to show him his true colours.

Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Update: Fearing Vanraj’s anger, Leela apologizes to Hasmukh


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