New Delhi, Jnn. The most talked-about serial ‘Anupama’ of the small screen remains in the discussion because of the twists and turns that come every day. The serial is about the struggles of a housewife. These days many twists and turns are coming in the show continuously. Which has made the serial even more interesting. But now more twists are going to be seen in the show in the coming time. Recently it was shown that Kavya (Vanraj’s second wife) has taken the Shah Niwas in her name. After which the ground has slipped under the feet of Vanraj too. At the same time, it is going to be shown in the coming days that Bapuji will advise Anupama to go closer to Anuj.

Actually, recently a new promo of Anupama has surfaced. It has been shown in this promo that Bapuji i.e. Hasmukh Shah will advise Anupama to pursue her relationship with Anuj Kapadia. Bapuji tells Anupama, ‘It was in the hands of Kanha ji to send Anuj into your life, but it is in your hands to let him enter your mind.’ Anupama herself is also surprised to hear this from Bapuji. Further, Bapuji holds Anupama’s hand and tells her, ‘Let Anuj come to your mind, son.’

On the other hand, seeing Kavya’s actions, Vanraj’s anger and resentment towards her increases. In such a situation, Vanraj decides in his mind that he will teach Kavya a lesson. Vanraj decides to return to his old form to teach Kavya a lesson. It is shown in the promo that Vanraj goes to Kavya and Kavya hugs her and apologizes to her for her actions. Vanraj also hugs him but he says to himself, ‘For the happiness of my family, I will show him as Vanraj. Now the whole world will see what Vanraj Shah is.

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