Anurag Thakur’s reply to Congress leader- ‘Rahul Gandhi was always given a chance to speak’

IndiaAnurag Thakur's reply to Congress leader- 'Rahul Gandhi was always given a...
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The ‘Political Mahabharata’ continues on the controversial statement of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. From street to parliament, Rahul Gandhi is surrounded by his remarks. The Bharatiya Janata Party is adamant on demanding an apology while continuously targeting Rahul Gandhi. In this episode, Union Minister Anurag Thakur has now said that Rahul Gandhi should apologize to the MPs, Speaker and the country.

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Anurag Thakur, who reached Kochi, said on Rahul Gandhi’s question, ‘He (Rahul Gandhi) should not have spoken about India and should not have spread lies about the Parliament. He himself is an MP. He was always given a chance to speak. He should come back and apologize to the country.

Rahul showed himself above the Parliament – ​​Union Minister

Anurag Thakur on Friday also hit out at Rahul Gandhi, saying he was trying to project himself above Parliament, while his attendance in the lower house was less than the average attendance of all members. The Union minister also wondered who stopped Gandhi from apologizing to Parliament for “insulting” India on foreign soil. Thakur said,

Rahul means- Regretful, Offul, Hateful, Ungrateful, Liar.

Is a family bigger than the country – Anurag

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The Union Minister said that he (Rahul) wants to show that he is above Parliament and above the nation. Is a family bigger than the country? Anurag Thakur also offered to send a book on parliamentary rules and procedures to the former Congress president.

Rahul gave a controversial statement

Recently, at an event in London, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that the structure of Indian democracy was under ‘savage attacks’. He further said that the democratic parts of the world including America and Europe have failed to take note of this. After returning from London, Rahul Gandhi also commented on his parliamentary membership, on which the BJP got an opportunity to attack further. Rahul Gandhi had said that ‘unfortunately I am a member of Parliament’.

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