San Francisco, AFP. Apple on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Israeli company NSO Group. It says that the Israeli spyware maker targeted its users. At the same time, Apple has said that it wants to permanently ban the use of any software, service or device of Apple by NSO. Let us tell you that in 2019, Facebook also sued the same Israeli company, in which it accused of targeting WhatsApp users.

The controversial spyware ‘Pegasus’ belongs to this Israeli company

In the same month, the US also blacklisted Israeli software companies NSO Group and Candiru. Let us tell you that through the Pegasus spyware developed by this Israeli company, there were allegations of spying on the phones of journalists, politicians and many other people in many countries around the world. The US Commerce Department has put both companies on the trade blacklist and banned any kind of deal with them. These companies can no longer do business in the US.

America blacklisted companies from Russia and Singapore

The US blacklist also includes Russia’s Positive Technologies and Singapore’s Computer Security Initiative consultancy Pte Ltd. The US Commerce Department said they had smuggled in cyber tools used to gain unauthorized access to computer networks. The department also claimed that these companies were involved in activities contrary to the interests of US national security or foreign policy.

Edited By: Monika Minal