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Looking at the people writing against inflation in social media, it seems that most of the BJP’s opponents are supporters or workers. The voice of the middle class is missing regarding inflation.

The discussion of inflation on TV is not a mission, nor is the tagline ‘Mission dearness return’, but a new tagline is being run on ‘Mission Manument Wapsi’. Where do such titles come from? Are Twitter hashtags picked up and pasted on TV screens? On Twitter, we saw that there are some 20 tweets about the return of hashtags, even after this, a news channel puts a mission on its behalf so that it gets recognition and the audience feels that it is their job to fulfill this mission. They must have come to see the inflation, but the channels are catching them for mission work. Today the condition of this country has become this, media has to report more than the situation. The way news channels are working day and night on such issues, soon you will see that thousands of people have started digging from place to place with hoe and khanti. Along with him, lakhs of people are dreaming of digging from here to there in the WhatsApp group. Do not tell such people that the Himalayas came out of the Tethys Sea millions of years ago, otherwise these people will dig the Himalayas for the return of the Tethys Sea. In no time has we seen such equality and plurality of folly.

In Udaipur, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that the Modi government is engaged in fabricating history. Nation builders like Jawaharlal Nehru are being insulted. Concoctions are being spread about him and his contributions are being attacked. Those who killed Gandhi are being glorified. Is this a sign that the Congress will respond to the attack on Nehru? For many years, concoctions were spread about Nehru in WhatsApp University, the Congress never responded in this way, as a result, all the concoctions were established among the public. Has Sonia Gandhi only mentioned Nehru or will her party campaign for Nehru? When the Prime Minister made a mockery of Nehru over inflation in the Lok Sabha, the Congress could not do anything except formally reply. Sonia also said that Narendra Modi’s government constantly maintains an atmosphere of polarization in this country so that there is an atmosphere of fear and insecurity among the people. Minorities are being targeted who are an integral part of our society and equal citizens. By spreading fear, the bureaucracy and a section of the corporate and media are being intimidated to say and do what they are told.

Congress is in a difficult phase. After the defeat in all the elections, its leaders have started leaving the party. The challenge before the Congress is to build the organization and also to give edge to those issues, due to which it is not able to gain the trust of the people. There is criticism of the economic policies of the Modi government, but why will the Congress have its own separate economic policies, will some new proposals be seen? Take the Electoral Bonds, through which the secret game of electoral donations is being played, the Congress could never make it a big issue, the result is that today the donation bag is tilted in favor of one party. The economic condition of all other parties has collapsed. Udaipur’s Shivr is very important for this major opposition party of the country. Sonia Gandhi is repeatedly referring to the huge collective effort, obviously she is also understanding the crisis and knows that the Congress will survive if the efforts of all the Congress workers, provided they remain in the Congress.

Take inflation, it is the highest in eight years, it is true that Godi media showed little opposition’s demonstrations and statements on inflation, but it is also true that even after the issue of which the public is so upset, the Congress has a place among them. Can’t make it. People do not want to share their problems with the help of opposition parties. People keep their distance from the opposition’s demonstrations regarding inflation. On the other hand, Godi media keeps on creating bogus campaigns like Manument Wapsi to keep the issue of inflation away from the public.

On a cart in South Delhi, lemon for Rs 250 a kg, beans and peas at Rs 120 a kg,
Parwal and jackfruit are Rs.80/kg and brinjal is Rs.50/kg, ladyfinger, capsicum and zucchini are Rs.60/kg. Will the common man be able to buy vegetables ranging from Rs 50-60 to Rs 120 and Rs 250, or is he running his business with potatoes and onions at Rs 25-30 a kg. Along with vegetables, the prices of spices to edible oils have also started touching the sky.

Not only the prices of petrol and edible oil increase, you are paying more for those things which are not in the list of the government. Many people are saying that the actual rate of inflation can be more than 14-15 percent instead of 7.79 percent. Even when the data for March came, the same people had said that the rate of inflation in April would be 7-8 percent, and when the data for April came, it was 7.79 percent. The opinion of the Reserve Bank and the Finance Ministry is strangely different about the effect of inflation on the common people.

On May 4, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Shaktikanta Das, says that the poor section of the country is being affected badly due to the high inflation rate. Their purchasing power is going down. On May 12, the Finance Ministry’s statement is published that how people are consuming, the evidence shows that the low-income section in India has less impact of inflation than the rich section.

Such things are being published. Is it being said that the rich are troubled by inflation, the poor or the common people are less affected? Sushil Mohapatra went to a dhaba in Delhi. The dhabawala said that the impact of inflation is two-sided. If you increase the price, then the customers do not come, if you do not increase then there is no earning.

Middle class is also upset but is he writing on Facebook or Twitter about inflation? As I used to write earlier. Looking at the people writing against inflation in social media, it seems that most of the BJP’s opponents are supporters or workers. The voice of the middle class is missing regarding inflation. The situation is even worse in the villages. Apart from inflation, the condition is also bad due to heat. The grains have dried up due to the high heat. Their production has decreased. After Kovid, this year, which is hot due to inflation and heat, will push the farmers back further.

Why was Krishna Tussadam beaten to death for theft? Was this anger also the reason for Krishna to be a Dalit? Krishna’s entire family does the cleaning and garbage collection.

The base of violence is becoming widespread within the society. When a society carries so many layers of violence from the minority to the Dalits, will there ever be happiness knocking inside it or will it always keep gnashing its teeth after seeing someone. If you look at it from this point of view, there will be nothing left to see after this. There is no time for the society to think and do something good, for now people are going to be engaged in renaming the villages and roads of Delhi. Good time is passing.


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