Arrested those who attacked the doctor by playing on his life: the driver said – if the mobile was broken, there was doubt; scared, but the car entered the police station

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The cab driver caught the miscreants who carried out the robbery at the doctor’s house in Jaipur. Playing on life, how did the cab driver reach from Jaipur to Sever (Bharatpur) police station with the miscreants. What came in the mind of the cab driver during the journey up to 179 KM. To know this, he talked to cab driver Ramjanam Gurjar (32).

It is known that the whole incident of miscreants fleeing from Jaipur and coming in the custody of Savar police is spoken by Ramjanam…

I was sitting on the fan thorn in Jhotwara at 4 pm. During this both the miscreants came near my car. One of the accused (Suresh Shahi) tells him to leave Agra, but I refuse. I said it will be too late in return. After this Suresh said – if not Agra, leave Bharatpur. There is emergency. Our relative got killed in a road accident. After this I said yes to go to Bharatpur. At around 4.30 pm, I left for Bharatpur with both of them.

Taxi fare fixed at Rs 5800. As soon as I came out with these two, I did not find anything suspicious. Still, I gave the mobile number of the accused to my friend Ajit Singh. Shipped with their live location. After leaving Jaipur, we had tea at Khandelwal Dhaba near Mahua. Both of them also sat with me and drank tea. Even during this time I did not doubt them. Then got in the car to move forward.

Around 8 pm these miscreants asked me to stop the car at Chhokarwada near Bharatpur. I asked what happened. Why do you have to stop the car? On this Prakash alias Pushpa said that she has to go to the bathroom. I said – I have just gone. So soon it’s a deserted place anyway. Wait a while After this, after going a few kilometers ahead, I stopped the car near Roshni.

Accused Prakash got down from the car and went away and started pretending to go to the bathroom. I was looking in the glass that the mobile number of which he gave me. Prakash is breaking that mobile with a stone. I got suspicious at the same time. These people are some big crooks. They have come after committing the crime or are going to commit the crime. On this, I told the other person sitting in the car – call him and bring him, it is too late. Then another person got down from the car to call him.

I thought I’d run away with the car

I was scared for a while after both the actions and the incident of breaking the mobile. When both were not in the car, one thought that I would run away with the car. Then felt it was necessary to get them caught by the police. Because it seemed that these two were some big crooks.

When both of them got back in the car, I panicked. These people will do something wrong to me. I did not lose courage and decided that he would have to be caught by the police. On the way, both the miscreants said that we have to leave Agra. I refused earlier. Then I said – okay I will leave you Agra only. These people were talking in Nepali language. which I did not understand.

Suresh Shahi and Prakash alias Pushpa in police custody.  Both were in the taxi.  While there, Anu was going in the bus.

Removed the car from the highway and entered the police station

I got off the car from the highway to go to Sever police station. Both the miscreants said – why did you take it here? I said – there is a shot way to go to Agra. That’s why I’m taking it out of here. Sever came to the police station after walking for about 25 kms.

I rammed the car into Sever police station around 9.40 pm. When the car suddenly entered the police station, the sentry started getting confused with me. Taking advantage of which a miscreant fled from the car in a vest. The other assailant was trying to escape. During this I caught him. He started taking her inside the police station. Meanwhile, the other also managed to escape.

6-7 policemen were standing, but no one stopped the miscreants. After this, when the car was searched, gold worth 5-6 lakhs and a knife were recovered from the bag of the miscreants in the car. Then the Sever police station and the Japta of other police stations started searching the area to nab both. During the search at around 1 pm, these miscreants were seen going towards Bharatpur depot. Whom the police caught.

During this ASP Ramsingh spoke to me on the phone. Said- son, you have done an act of bravery. If you don’t show courage then these crooks will not be caught. Then I brought these miscreants in my car and brought them to Jaipur. I didn’t even get the fare of Rs 5800. I dig a well everyday, drink water. This is how my family runs.

Doctor Bharti, who lives in Vaishali Nagar, has a clinic in her house.  He was in the clinic when he was attacked.

this is the case
The robbery took place at 2 o’clock in the day on September 19 at the house of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Bharti (65), who lives in Hanuman Nagar extension of Vaishali Nagar police station. He is retired from SMS Hospital. His wife Nasreen Bharti is a doctor at Kavantia Hospital.

On Monday afternoon Dr. Iqbal and maid Meera were at home. Wife Nasreen and daughter Dr. Arsia had gone out of work. The maid was doing household chores. Dr. Bharti was sitting in the clinic below.

Around 2 o’clock in the afternoon the old maid Anu came. There were 2 other people with him. He had a screwdriver and a bar in his hands. The miscreants attacked Dr. Iqbal. In a bloody condition, the miscreants put Dr Bharti in a room.

Taking the maid to the kitchen and locked it. After this the miscreants searched the house. The miscreants also took away the DVR of CCTV installed in the house along with jewelery and cash worth lakhs of rupees. The injured doctor is admitted in Sawai Mansingh Hospital.

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The miscreants entered the doctor’s house in Jaipur, threw him in the room after bleeding with a screwdriver and a bar, absconding with cash and jewelry worth lakhs

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