Arthiyas-Government dispute, farmers mobilized: Announcement – ​​Punjab will take paddy to sell if not decide today, the strike causing damage is wrong

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Thousands of quintals of paddy of farmers are on the verge of getting spoiled due to the strike in the mandis of Karnal district of Haryana for 3 days. Now the farmers of Haryana have also mobilized in protest against the dispute between the arhtiyas and the government. Now the farmers have said in clear words that stopping the purchase of paddy by the arhtiyas and traders is directly hurting the farmers. The farmer prepares the crop by shedding blood and sweat for 6 months day and night, and every time he has to grind it due to the politics of the arhtiyas, traders and the government.

Farmers are ordered to assemble at Nissing Mandi at 10:00 am today to protest against this dispute between the agent and the government. Farmers have warned that farmers of Haryana will be forced to move their paddy to Punjab if the arhtiya and the government do not take any decision soon. The farmers will not be allowed to suffer under any circumstances.

More than two lakh paddy in the mandis of the district Deposit

In the grain markets of Assandh, Tarawari, Gharaunda, Nising, Jundla and Kunjpura, including Karnal, for the last 3 days, about 2 lakh quintals of paddy has been deposited due to the insistence of the arhtiyas and the government. Due to paddy harvesting, this paddy is increasing daily in the mandis. If the data is to be believed, about 2.5 crore rupees of farmers’ rights transactions are being affected at this time. Along with this, for 3 days, the migrant workers in the mandis have had to eat bread. The workers are forced to go home without daily wages sitting in the market for 3 days.

Arhtiyas and government bowing before the insistence of the farmers imperative

On the one hand, the agents across the state are talking about the farmers, but on the other hand, the farmers are being weakened financially by not purchasing the paddy of the farmers. Farmer Mah Singh, who reached the market with paddy, told that the farmer constantly comes to sell the paddy crop in the market during the festive season, the amount he gets after selling the crop, he spends on the happiness of himself and his family. Mah Singh told that after a few days his daughter is getting married and now the paddy crop was ripe, he had come to sell it in the market so that the money he would get from the paddy sold would be spent in the marriage of his daughter. .

Describing his condition, he came to the market to do labor.

But now due to the insistence of these stalwarts and the will of the government, he is not getting even a single penny of paddy. Not only him, the same is happening with the farmers who are coming to the market with paddy. Due to this arbitrariness, the farmers are suffering huge losses. Mah Singh said that till 15 days back, the rate of 1509 paddy was up to Rs 3800, now due to the insistence of the arhtiyas, the farmer is forced to sell this paddy at one Pune price. On one hand, the rain from the sky is wreaking havoc, on the other hand the politics of brokers, traders and the government are bent on ruining the farmers. If the farmer comes on his own, then the agent and the government will have to bow down to him.

The leader gave to the arhtiyas and the government Warning

Amandeep Babbar, the leader of Sir Chhotu Ram Kisan Union through internet media, said that on one hand the policies of the government are wrong and on the other hand the method of protesting the arhtiyas at this time is also wrong. Farmer leader Babbar Singh warned that either the arhtiyas should start buying paddy in the mandis, otherwise we know how to convince the government and also know how to convince the arhtiyas. He said that it should not happen as if the farmers of the villages adjoining the state of Punjab are taking their paddy crop to Punjab for sale.

Similarly, we should also not have to go to Punjab to sell our paddy crop. At the same time, he told the arhtiyas that he is with them regarding the demands that you have justified. But the method of your protest is absolutely wrong, because of the wrong protest of you people and secondly due to wrong policies of the government, the farmer is on the verge of ruin and we will not allow such farmers to be ruined. Either the government should also improve in time and the agent also corrects its attitude. Otherwise we even know how to fix this system.

To reach the farmers in Nissing grain market at 10 am Appeal

The leaders of Sir Chhotu Ram Kisan Union on Wednesday late night put a video from Nissing Anaj Mandi through internet media and said that the way farmers’ paddy is being sold across the state due to the strike of arhtiyas for three days. With that, today all the farmers reached Nissing Grain Market at 10:00 in the morning so that their paddy crop could be saved from ruin.

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