Astronomical event of three planets: Moon, Venus and Saturn will come closer today after 30 years; This view will be visible for about one and a half hours after sunset

ReligionAstronomical event of three planets: Moon, Venus and Saturn will come closer...
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  • Astronomical Event Of Three Planets: Moon, Venus And Saturn Will Come Closer Today After 30 Years, This View Will Be Visible For About One And A Half Hours After Sunset

Astronomical phenomenon of the three planets:Moon, Venus and Saturn will come closer today after 30 years; This view will be visible for about one and a half hours after sunset

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Venus and Saturn will be seen as stars near the Moon in the west after the sun sets this evening. Actually all these three planets have come close in space, and so close to the earth that they can be seen even without the help of telescope or any other instrument. Such an astronomical event happens once in about four-five years.

Superintendent of Jivji Observatory, Ujjain, Rajendra Gupta says that being the second day after new moon, the moon will be visible only till 8 pm tonight. At the same time, the sunset will happen by 6 pm. That’s why this astronomical view will be visible for about one and a half hours. At that time all the three planets will be seen crossing a line in the sky.

Today Moon will be at 27 degree, Venus at 25 and Saturn at 24 degree. That’s why all these three planets will be very close to each other. After sunset, a crescent-shaped moon will be visible in the west. A little to the south just below the Moon will be the bright, top-notch planet Venus, and just below Venus will be the less bright Saturn.

The shape of a triangle will be formed from these planets. This astronomical phenomenon can be seen from the roof of the house or any high place without any instrument. There will be no need for any special glasses to see it.

From the point of view of astrology, we know what will be the effect of this astronomical event.

According to Vadodara’s astrologer Dr. Mrityunjay Tiwari, this astronomical event will be very special from astrological point of view as well. Moon, Venus and Saturn are forming a trigrahi alliance in Aquarius. After 30 years, such a combination of these planets is happening. Saturn and Venus are friends among them. When these two planets are present in the same sign, they enhance each other’s effect.

In astrology, Moon is the factor of cold and water. Whereas, Saturn has been called a dry planet. Venus has been described as Rasa i.e. developed planet. If these three come in the same amount, there will be a possibility of big changes in the weather and economic condition of the country and the world.

Dr. Tiwari says that due to the effect of these three planets, there will be a possibility of natural calamities in the northeastern countries. The economy will also be affected by these three planets. Due to which the economy in cold countries i.e. European countries can be weakened. The economy can go awry in India too. There is also a possibility of a sudden fall in the stock market.

The weather can change suddenly all over the country. There may be rain in many places and snowfall in some places. The effect of Saturn will also be seen on the politics of the country. Due to which big political changes can happen. People will blame each other. The news of the death of a big politician may come.

The effect of the conjunction of Moon, Venus and Saturn on 12 zodiac signs…

Sheep: You will get benefit in job and business. New plans will be made and work will also be done on them.

Taurus: Mental stress and running will continue. There can be health related problems.

Gemini: There will be trips. Hard work will increase. Help can come from friends and brothers.

Cancer: There can be problems related to lungs. There will be a possibility of loss of money and loss of savings.

Lion: Digestion can get disturbed. Abdominal pain may also occur. There can be interruptions in everyday activities.

Virgo: There can be victory over enemies. Business will grow and there are chances of promotion in the job.

Libra: You can get profit in business. There will also be concern related to children. Work will be done on new schemes.

Scorpio: Mental stress can increase. Money is the sum of loss. There will be concern about the health of the mother.

Sagittarius: Do any work thoughtfully. Image may be damaged. You will not get the benefit of hard work.

Capricorn: Happiness will increase. There are chances of getting money. There will be a time of peace and prosperity.

Aquarius: Mental stress and unrest can increase. There can also be health related problems.

Pisces: Health will not be good. There can be water related problems. There is also a possibility of increase in wasteful expenditure.

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