Attempt to bomb Putin’s car: Russian presidential convoy stopped by ambulance; Many guards of security services suspended

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been attacked in the midst of the Russia-Ukraine war. Putin narrowly escaped the attack. However, Russia has not officially confirmed this. According to media reports, a bomb was thrown near Putin’s limousine car. Then a loud bang was heard. When and where the attack took place, it is not yet known.

Putin was returning home
Media reports claimed that Putin was returning home in his limousine car. Then there was a deadly attack on him. 5 vehicles were escorting Putin’s car. The first vehicle was stopped by an ambulance. After this the second vehicle was also blocked. Putin was sitting in the third car. There was a loud explosion near the left tire of his car and smoke started rising. His security guards immediately swung into action and Putin was safely taken to another place.

There was an attempt to kill Putin even two months ago

A Ukrainian official claimed that two months ago, in May, there was an attempt to assassinate Putin. In this he was saved. Ukraine’s Intelligence Directorate chief Kyrillo Budanov had said – a failed attempt to kill Putin was made two months ago.

suspected suicide attack
According to a Russian Telegram channel – this attack could be suicide. Because the driver of the ambulance that had stopped the first car of Putin’s convoy was found dead. Found his dead body. At the same time, 3 people present in this first car escorting Putin went missing.

Putin’s head bodyguard in custody
The Russian Telegram channel claimed that several guards, including Putin’s head bodyguard, had been suspended and detained. No one was aware of Putin’s movement except his security services. So it was decided to suspend the guards.

7 close friends of Putin died in 6 months

Since the beginning of the war, ie since February 24, 7 close friends of Putin have died. Most of them opposed the attack on Ukraine. Read full news…

Opposing Putin’s own
Putin has been facing opposition from Russian officials and people since the attack on Ukraine. Boris Vondrev, the Russian diplomat at the UN, has resigned from the post of Security Council. On the 28th day of the war, Putin’s senior advisor Antoly Chubais resigned from the post.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky also injured in car accident
Ukrainian President Voldomir Zelensky has been injured in a car accident. According to Ukraine’s Kyiv Independent newspaper, Zelensky suffered minor injuries. However, the report did not say when the accident happened. Zelensky’s spokesman, Serhi Nakiforov, also confirmed the accident. According to him, while going somewhere in Zelensky’s convoy, a car went out of control and collided with some vehicles of the convoy. Zelensky and his driver were taken to the hospital. He was also discharged after treatment. Police is probing the incident.

Putin’s right hand daughter dies in blast

The daughter of Alexander Dugin, a close aide of Russian President Putin, was killed in a bombing. Darya Dugin was returning home from a concert in Moscow. There was no information about how the blast happened and who was behind it. Read full news…

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