Sydney, Agency. The Liberal Party’s rule of the last ten years in Australia has been broken and the opposition Labor Party has won the election. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has resigned from his post, admitting defeat in the election. The Labor Party may also get the support of independent lawmakers who are pro-environmental reformers in forming the government.

Morrison congratulated Labor Party leader and future Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on the victory and wished him the best of luck for his new responsibility. Marison has also stepped down as the leader of her party. To form a government, the Labor Party would need 76 of the 151 seats in the lower house of parliament. The counting of votes is still on.

After ten years of power of the Liberal Party, the Labor Party got a chance

Counting of postal ballots received in record numbers is also going on. Postal ballots in many seats can affect the results. The election results seem to show that Marison’s Liberal-National coalition has suffered a crushing defeat in Western Australia and urban areas. The centre-left Labor Party also appeared to have an edge over the Liberal Party in opinion polls. The same picture has emerged in the election results as well.

Voters paid attention to the issue of environmental reform

The new government may see the influence of supporters of environmental reform, which may affect the coal mining policy of the Marison government. The reason for the defeat of the Liberal Party in the urban area is believed to be its indifferent policies regarding the environment. Government policies have been blamed for incidents of floods and wildfires in Australia in recent years. Charlotte Farwood, a working woman with three adult children, sees the election results as optimistic, with the future for the better.

Adam Bant, leader of the Greens, an environmental organization, said the environment was a big issue for voters. There is now a need to strike a balance between the use of coal and gas for environmental improvement. Adam himself has won from Melbourne, while two other candidates from his organization have also won. In addition to the environment, the Labor Party had made issues of inflation, unemployment and the pace of progress in the election.

Relations with India will get stronger

Australia’s High Commissioner to India Berry O’Farrell has said that Australia’s new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is not unfamiliar with India. He has come to India in 1991 as a tourist and in 2018 with a parliamentary party. The strategic and friendly ties between the two countries are expected to be strengthened under his government.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh