To reduce periods pain, we try many ways like using hot water bottle, drinking enough water, eating fruits, juices. Of course, all these measures are effective, but there are some other things that can prove beneficial in reducing this problem, but we do not pay attention to this. So today we will talk about these.

Avoid Dairy Products

Dairy products should be especially avoided during periods. Although the body needs more calcium during this time, but it will be better if you fill it with supplements. Dairy products, especially milk, cheese and yogurt, contain a special type of acid, which works to increase the pain.

say no to junk foods

Healthy eating is always necessary, but it becomes more important during periods. There is a lot of sodium in junk food, which can cause many other problems during periods.

Don’t do shaving and waxing

During periods, the estrogen level increases very much, due to which even the slightest bruising or pain is felt very much. Therefore, it is better not to do shaving or waxing during this time.

keep changing pads

The connection of these tips is not to reduce bleeding and pain, but to prevent infection. Wearing the same pad for a long time increases the risk of infection as well as the problem of rashes, so it is necessary to change the pad after 4-5 or 3-4 hours depending on the bleeding. If using a tampon, change it every two to three hours.

Do not use vaginal wash

During periods, especially vaginal wash should not be used because the natural pH level there gets disturbed, which increases the risk of infection. If you have to clean, then hot water is enough for it.

Pic credit– unsplash

Edited By: Priyanka Singh