Avoid Kidney Stone: By adopting these 4 habits, reduce the chances of becoming a kidney stone, you will remain tension free from this disease throughout your life.

IndiaAvoid Kidney Stone: By adopting these 4 habits, reduce the chances of...
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Diet For Kidney Stone Prevention: There are many factors that can increase your risk of kidney stones. Kidney stones form when there are too many crystal-forming components in your urine, such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid.

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How to Prevent Kidney Stones: Due to unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits, there are many problems related to kidney nowadays. Kidney stone is also one of them. Kidney is responsible for taking out the dirt of the body through urine. It is one of the most important parts of our body. Kidney stone is becoming a common health issue nowadays. However, by improving your eating habits, you can reduce the chances of kidney stone (Pathri ka ilaj) to a great extent. Here are some tips that you can follow to reduce your risk.

Ways to avoid kidney stones. Ways To Avoid Kidney Stones

1) Stay hydrated

Drinking more water is the best way to prevent kidney stones. If you do not drink enough water, then less urine is produced in your body. Less urine production means that the salts that cause stones are less likely to dissolve in the urine. Apart from water, you can also drink lemonade and orange juice.

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2) Eat salt in limited quantity

Eating more salt increases the risk of kidney stones. Too much salt in the urine prevents calcium from being reabsorbed from the urine into the blood, which can lead to kidney stones.

3) Eat less oxalate rich foods

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Some kidney stones are caused by oxalate. In such a situation, limiting the food rich in oxalate can help in preventing the formation of stones. Spinach, chocolate, sweet potatoes, coffee, beets, peanuts, soy products are considered to be rich in oxalate, so they should be eaten in limit.

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4) Vitamin C Supplement

Foods with natural sources of vitamin C reduce the chances of kidney stones, but vitamin C supplements can increase the risk of kidney stones. Taking more vitamin C supplements, especially in men, can be harmful.

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