Akash Shukla, Raipur. If there is pain in walking, working and getting up and if you need someone’s support, then take this matter seriously. Apart from this, if the pain starts from the lower part of the waist and creates an unbearable condition in both the legs, then be careful! This can be a symptom of sciatica (Gradharsi disease). According to studies, one out of every 10 people in the country is suffering from this disease. Until a few years ago, most people after the age of 50 were affected by sciatica, but now this scale is breaking. In the changed lifestyle, youth are also falling prey to it. It is a different matter that the problem can be more or less. According to statistics, 10 percent of the people in the age group of 25 to 45 years in the country are in the grip of sciatica.

The Ayurvedic medicine prepared after three years of research by the doctors of Raipur Government Ayurvedic College has controlled the chronic pain of sciatica patients up to 80 percent. Sciatica sufferers are getting a lot of relief from the use of the drug prepared in the research done between 2017 and 21 for three months. There are also some patients who got relief from this medicine, who were advised for operation after long treatment, if they did not get relief.

What is Sciatica? The largest vein of the body runs from the spinal cord to the feet. Pressing the vein in the sciatica causes swelling in it. In some cases, the vein may slip or become dry due to compression, that is, the natural flexibility of the vein is affected. This causes unbearable pain in the back and legs. The patient has problems not only in sitting and walking, but also in taking sides. Sometimes the condition becomes so severe that the patient is unable to perform daily tasks. The only option left as a final diagnosis is the operation. Irregular lifestyle is also a major reason for this disease. Uncontrolled weight gain, physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol consumption make it more complicated. However, the majority of cases of this disease are due to spinal cord injury, heavy lifting and wrong posture.

symptoms of sciatica

  • Lower back pain and stiffness
  • Pain coming from the waist to the back of one leg down to the heel
  • sometimes pain in both legs
  • Pain worsens when sitting or standing for a long time
  • Pain worsens on continuous sitting in front of cooler or AC, working in a bent position, driving, climbing stairs, lifting weights
  • severe pain or strain in the legs when sitting up
  • burning, tingling, or muscle weakness
  • sudden dizziness while walking

Treatment in three groups: During the research, patients were divided into three groups. Patients in the first group were given the drug Dwatrishank Guggul. The patients of the second group were given gridhrasihar oil and the patients of the third group were given some yogasanas with medicine and oil. In this the results of the third group were very good. Patients in this group got more benefit than expected.

Relief news: Dwatrishank Guggul (made from a mixture of 32 types of medicines) and Gridhrasihar oil (a mixture of five types of medicines) were prepared in the Kaya Medicine department of Ayurvedic College. This research has been completed by Dr. Somesh Kushwaha under my guidance. In the year 2017, these drugs were developed for patients and used on 60 people suffering from it. Under this, along with the consumption of Dwatrishank Guggul, Gridhrasihar oil was used in the form of ‘abhyanga and kativasti’ i.e. massaged around the affected body part and waist with lukewarm oil. Along with this, some special types of yogasanas were also told to the patients.

Within three months, the patients got 80 to 82 percent benefit. Some of these patients were also such, who were able to do their own work for a long time with the help of others and doctors had advised operation. He is so relaxed that he himself is now coming to the hospital and seeking medical advice. Today, on an average 600 sciatica patients are getting benefited every month from the medical department of the college.

Edited By: Sanjay Pokhriyal