Ayushman scheme is a flop in the area of ​​Brajesh Pathak itself: 10 private hospitals in the health minister’s city, but no one gets free treatment

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September 23, 2022, i.e. today CM Yogi Adityanath is celebrating Ayushman Bharat like a festival in UP. Today 4 years of this scheme have been completed. The tag line of the day is “Cour Year Ayushman, Swasthya Amrit Jaan Samman”. CM Yogi says that this scheme is helping to make UP healthy. Therefore, it is necessary to promote it well on this day. Along with this, people will also be made aware about the scheme.

The team of the daily reached Mallavan, the area of ​​​​Health Minister and Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak, to know the ground reality of Ayushman Bharat in UP. talked to people. Let us know what he told.

The card is made, but it does not get the benefit
Mallawan is just 96 kms away from Lucknow. This is the home area of ​​Brajesh Pathak. The data received from the Community Health Center here shows that 5340 families fall under the category of Ayushman in the area. Of these, 4718 family cards have been made till September 20, 2022. 622 are still to be built. All these figures have been received by the CHC from the block. Now looking at these figures three questions arise.

first- Are these figures correct?
another- Are people getting the benefit of this card?
third- If treatment in government hospitals was already free, then what is the need of a card?

Those whose cards are not made are also shown in the figures.

Are these figures correct? When asked this question, an employee present in the CHC, on the condition of anonymity, rightly tells us that many times these figures are very wrong. There are many such villages, where only 2-3 Ayushman cards have been made, but the numbers are increased to show in the figures.

He told that when Ayushman card beneficiaries come to get the card made, their details are written. In such a situation, the numbers increase, but the number of people whose details have been written are not given by making cards. Sometimes due to lack of thumb match, sometimes people are sent back by making some excuse.

Shakeel Khan, a resident of Raghavpur village in Mallawan, told that he has tried 3 times to get the Ayushman card made, but every time he is returned on the pretext of not being in the list. He says, “I myself am a heart patient, as well as if someone in the family falls ill, it becomes difficult to even deposit 4-5 thousand rupees. That’s why there is a need for Ayushman card, but no one remains here.”

30% people got benefit from this card

Devendra Tiwari is in the picture.  He used Ayushman card for wife's operation.  They got the complete treatment free of cost.

Only 30% of the people in the village have got the benefit of this card. One of them is Devendra Tiwari. He says, “I got the card made 2 years back. A few months ago my wife had a stone in her stomach. An operation was needed. Then we admitted him to Rani Katiyari Hospital in Hardoi. There we were not charged a single penny for the treatment. Also, the hospital had given one week’s medicine free of cost when the patient was discharged.

70% people of the village do not have the benefit of the card
70% of the people of the village could not get benefit from this card. Ansar Ahmed of here tells that his wife had to have a uterus operation. He went to the government hospital in Mallawan for treatment. There the Ayushman card was valid but there were no resources for treatment. The same was the case in other hospitals. That’s why we were forced to get the operation done in an outside hospital by paying money.

Despite having a card, the treatment had to be done by paying money
We were talking to Ansar when Irshad sitting nearby said, “The card does not promise any benefits. 2 years ago my son was admitted in ICU. He had a blood infection. On showing the Ayushman card for treatment, the hospital people said that it does not make any sense with the card, if you want to get treatment, then you will have to deposit cash. Somehow, by arranging Rs 4 lakh, he got his son treated.

Yes, he definitely believes that not a single rupee is charged for getting treatment in government hospitals of Mallavan, but there is no need for Ayushman card for this. When the treatment is done for free without a card, then what is the need of it?

Treatment was already free in government hospitals, so what is the need for a card?

CHC doctor Arvind says that most patients are not admitted at night.  go to your home.  Ayushman card is used only in case of admission.

Dr. Arvind Mishra of Mallawan CHC says, “There is absolutely no advantage in getting an Ayushman card. Whenever the patient needs any such test which cannot be done in small hospitals, it can be done here free of cost. Also, if the medicines needed are in the hospital, then they are available free of cost even without the card, but when medicines and injections have to be ordered from outside, then they can be given free of cost to the beneficiaries under Ayushman Yojana.

Government as well as private hospitals can also take Ayushman scheme. So after the government hospitals, we checked the horoscopes of private hospitals in Mallavan. An astonishing thing came to the fore in this…

There is no facility of Ayushman scheme in any private hospital

This is the CHC of Mallavan.  Here the benefit of Ayushman Yojana is available, but there are no resources.  At the same time, the benefit of this scheme is not available in private hospitals.

There are 10 private hospitals in Mallawan where facilities for delivery, caesarean and major operations are available, but not a single hospital has taken Ayushman scheme. In fact, these hospitals cannot even take the plan. Not one of these hospitals is even registered by the government. All private hospitals in Mallawan are being run illegally without taking permission from the government.

Actually, due to all these problems, the needy people are not getting the benefit of this scheme.

People with money are taking advantage of making cards

On the basis of the 2011 census, the Ayushman card of the people included in the BPL is made.  With this, they can take advantage of many health facilities for free.

A man wearing a fine suit-boots got down from his four-wheeled car at the tea stall near the Mallavan intersection. He told that his mother’s Ayushman card is made, but not hers. He says, “I went to get the card done several times, but on some pretext or the other, it is returned to me.”

Actually, this happens because this scheme is for BPL, that is, below poverty line. Simply put, it is for the poor. Now a person who got off the four wheeler will not be poor. Also he was not married. According to the rules of Ayushman Yojana, if you are a beneficiary, then you can get the card made only after marriage. If the mother’s card is made before that, then you will also get the benefit of it.

Their card was not made, but there are many such people in the village who are not needy, but on the basis of the 2011 census, they get the card made. In such a situation, the benefit of this scheme does not reach the needy people.

Collaboration: Kamlesh Kumar Prajapati (Reporter)

Credit: www.bhaskar.com /

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