New Delhi, Tech Desk| If you also use any kind of stocking app to stock your spouse or any loved one, then there is an important news for you. A new report suggests that Google has removed several stalkerware ads from the Play Store that promote spouse spying. This isn’t the first time Google has done something like this. These stalkerware ads promote apps that allow users to spy on their spouse or lover. This is against the policy and guideline of play store.

How do stalkerware apps work?

Stalkerware is software monitoring or spyware that is used for cyberstalking. Stalkerware apps usually provide the facility to track messages, call logs, location, and other personal activity under a fake app name. Once downloaded, these apps are used to guide people to spy on their spouse’s smartphone.

The report found that many stalkerware ads used a variety of techniques to avoid Google’s ban on such apps. Google updated its Play Store policy to ban stalkerware apps in October last year. Google said that apps that transmit personal information from devices without sufficient notice or consent and do not consistently display notification that this is happening will be banned from their Play Store.

A recent report by cyber security firm Kaspersky claimed that some 4,627 mobile users in India were found to be victims of stalkerware as some attempt to digitally control the lives of their intimate partners. In 2020, a total of 53,870 mobile users were affected by stalkerware globally. In 2019, Kaspersky found 67,500 affected mobile users.

Edited By: Mohini Kedia