New Delhi, Tech Desk. Bajaj is working on many new products. One such product is the Bajaj Blade electric scooter. Whose trademark application has been filed. In March, two applications of Pulsar Elan and Pulsar Eleganz have been filed by Bajaj. But now the application of Bajaj Blade electric scooter has been filed.

Bajaj Blade Electric Scooter is trademark filed under Class 12. In such a situation, not much information is available about the electric scooter. Actually, from motorcycles to scooters, electric wheels are filed in this category.

what will be the features

The Bajaj Blade electric scooter will come with a 125cc engine. The scooter will come with sporty styling. But in terms of design and feel, the Bajaj Blade will be different from the Bajaj Chetak. The electric scooter will come in a classic, old-school retro look and feel.


The Bajaj Blade electric scooter will come with a bigger barrel and a higher capacity motor capacity. However, how many KW battery will be given in the electric scooter, it has not been disclosed. Let us tell you that there are incidents of fire in electric scooters due to imported batteries from abroad. In this case, local manufacturing batteries can be used by Bajaj.


The Bajaj Blade electric scooter will cost more than the Bajaj Chetak. The scooter can be priced at Rs 1.48 lakh ex-showroom. Let us tell you that Bajaj Blade is still in its initial stages. The price of electric scooter in Ace can be changed.

The domestic two-wheeler maker has trademarked several nameplates for its upcoming models. The company aims to expand its Electric Vehicle (EV) product lineup over the next 3-5 years. It announced the launch of a new Chetak (EV) every year. Bajaj is also co-developing a new motorcycle with Triumph which is likely to come with a bigger capacity engine (likely around 350cc – 400cc). The design and styling of the model will be similar to other Triumph bikes. Like the new Pulsar 250, the upcoming Bajaj-Triumph bike will be based on a tubular steel frame.

Edited By: Atul Yadav