Geneva, ANI. Baloch Voice Association protested outside the United Nations (UN) office in Geneva against the atrocities against Baloch in Pakistan. Expressing outrage over the disappearance of Balochistan residents, the group broke chairs and statues. The protesters also drew attention to the increasing interference of China under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in the country. The organization said that the demonstration will continue till June 22.

In this sequence, memoranda will be submitted to the Human Rights Commission and other diplomatic missions. According to the Human Rights Council of Balochistan, 37 people were killed in December 2021, while more than 63 people are missing. Local and international human rights groups say 20,000 people have been abducted in Balochistan alone. Three thousand people were shot in these. Human rights group Amnesty International has asked Pakistan to stop the disappearance of people.

Two students of Karachi University are missing

The protesters were protesting the alleged abduction of two Baloch students of Karachi University (KU) by law enforcement agencies. Addressing the gathered crowd, relatives and activists said that two students of KU, Doda Baloch and Gamshad Baloch, were taken from their home near Maskan Chowringhee in Gulshan-e-Iqbal on June 7 and are yet to be traced. It’s gone. He said that if both the students were involved in any illegal activity, they should have been arrested on production of an arrest warrant, instead they were forcibly taken away from their homes at night.

Students caught without crime

The protesters said they had demonstrated for the release of the missing but the authorities did not act on their demands. He questioned for what crime the two students of KU were detained. The protesters also demanded the release of both the students as well as the tracing of other missing people.

Edited By: Babli Kumari