Ban on entry without ID card in DN College: Students shouted anti-Slogans outside the college; protested in front of the gate; Said – change the rules

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Students protest at DN College in Hisar on Thursday. Students were not allowed to enter the college without ID card. The college management asked the students to enter only after they brought their ID cards and were thrown out of the gate. In protest, the students staged a sit-in at the gate and raised slogans against the police and the college administration.

The students said that they are college students. Forgot your college ID card. The college administration and police checked their ID cards at the gate. We told them that we have Aadhar cards and you can keep them. The college staff also knows that we are students, but the college management says that they should bring their ID cards, only then they will be allowed to enter the college.

In protest against this, the students demonstrated outside the gate. The students raised slogans against the police and the college management. The students said that the college management knows the outsiders well, whereas today the management is refusing to recognize the students. Ajay told that we have the receipt for paying the fees, but still we are not being allowed to enter.

Student Aditya told that he is in the name of Progressive Students Front. The guard said that you cannot enter. Apologized to the principal and said that we have classes, let it go, but he said that if I do not have an ID card, then we will not let it come. We are demonstrating about this. Aditya said that the photo of the I card was taken in the mobile, but the college administration did not accept it either.

On behalf of the college management, Dr. Pradeep Kumar says that the students did not show anything. They don’t have ID card. Three I-cards were caught in such a way, on which other students have entered. When the college has issued an ID card, then what is the problem in bringing the students.

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